Cosmeticium Introduces Dhi Hair Transplant With The Highest Latest Technology Levels

October 16 01:33 2019
Cosmeticium announces the DHI transplant of hair with a ninety-five percent rate of success without any postulation, pitting, or crusting. With DHI treatments, it takes a year to show complete results, while improvement can be seen within three to four months.

London, UK – October 15, 2019 – Cosmeticium has introduced aesthetic and hair surgeries, especially Dhi hair transplant for patients with thin hair.  The best teams of surgeons and doctors make DHI transplant of hair a successful operation. DHI uses single-use needles and disposable punches for each session. For guaranteeing a hundred-percent, teams adhere to the strictest protocols. 

However, according to the Cosmeticium team, there is a difference between Fue and Dhi. DHI has relatively more advantages than FUE as it is painless and guarantees maximum visibility of the grafts. The DHI technique does not require shaving the head before treatment, but hair is cut short, especially within the donor area. But, on the other hand, FUE is the follicular extraction unit that involves the collection of grafts in two methods of hair transplantation. FUI requires opening the holes so that there can be placing of grafts in the implantation area.  

In DHI, there is placing of collected grafts in individual CHOI-PEN or implanter tools. Without damaging any of the natural hair, there is easy implantation because of the pens as pens open the small holes. Method of DHI leaves no scars, is painless, and is entirely low-risk. 

At a recent press meet, the owner of Cosmeticium was met up with. And one being asked about everything that DHI entails, he replied: “We at Cosmeticium offer consultation of one hour to our patients before they can go ahead with DHI. Our doctors use the special pen that is an implanter for controlling the angle, direction and implanted follicle’s depth. This form of transplantation has no side-effects at all and is safe being one of the permanent hair loss solutions.

About Cosmeticium

Cosmeticium Family, while giving world-class healthcare services, aims to provide medical diagnosis and treatment options to patients with the highest latest technology levels, with professionally scientific staff, modern equipment, and infrastructure. They are a current healthcare organization that offers high-quality services with a broad academic team that focuses on patients and their satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is their priority therefore even after the treatments, they make sure that patients are satisfied. Cosmeticium is medically based in Istanbul – Turkey. It has been awarded a 5-star treatment quality and Best Customer Service by many international platforms. Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Health in Turkey support it. With high skilled, foreign-educated, and board-certified medical staff, they provide hair transplantation, plastic surgery, dental treatment, and eye surgery at affordable prices. They only work with hospitals that are accredited by the international medical associations such as Joint Commission International (JCI), Technischer Überwachungsverein (TUV) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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