Jubilee Ace Is On Its Course To Become One Of The Best Platforms To Earn Profits Via Arbitrage

October 17 02:33 2019
Let the Artificial Intelligence make you rich!

New York City, NY, United States – Jubilee Ace is a USA-based website that enables people around the world to take part in foreign exchange and make profits via arbitrage. With Jubilee Ace, users do not need to actively trade these assets but their state of the art, AI-powered bot, A.Q.U.A does all the work for them. Since crypto exchanges have the same mechanisms just like foreign currency exchange, it is possible to use the same logic to arbitrage cryptocurrencies in this triangular manner.

Jubilee Ace is a dynamic and innovative organization that seeks to provide the best trading platform for its customers. As one of their team owners beautifully explained: “Our mission is to provide our clients the ultimate solution to trading with maximized profits with minimal risk. Our vision is to become the world’s largest arbitraging hub that can process data and execute accurate orders lightning fast.” While explaining the wonders of A.Q.U.A, he said: “A.Q.U.A or Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage is based on a Python AI script that runs 24/7 to collect price data from the crypto exchange of each triangular pairs. The data collected is then run through the AI for analysis and then a risk-arbitrage factor is given to the analysis. In the case of a positive factor, the bot automatically places trades using trade APIs within split seconds. This process will continue to repeat itself on other triangular pairs.” He further discussed the advantages of crypto trading as compared to foreign currency exchange. He said: “Crypto exchanges are much less efficient than foreign currency exchanges, thus more opportunities arise. Secondly, more cryptocurrency pairs compared to foreign currency pairs, thus higher possibility for more opportunities. Lastly, more cryptocurrency exchanges in the market than foreign currency exchanges, thus more platforms to seek for opportunities.”

Jubilee Ace’s A.Q.U.A exploits the phenomenon of arbitrage to help its users make money. Triangular arbitrage (also referred to as cross currency arbitrage or three-point arbitrage) is the act of exploiting an arbitrage opportunity resulting from a pricing discrepancy amount three different currencies in an exchange market. The concept of Triangular Arbitrage can be applied to Commodities, Indices, FOREX, and E-sports as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The exchange contains multiple triangular pairs.
  2. There are trading APIs available.
  3. There is liquidity in the exchange.

Jubilee Ace is not like any other traditional exchange platform. It receives its edge from the amazing functions of A.Q.U.A. The bot enables automated trading to the exchange within split seconds from identifying possible profit. It is an In-house trading algorithm with AI minimizes failure of arbitrage to less than 1%. Furthermore, it provides a high level of concurrency from multi-threading processes.

About the Company:

Jubilee Ace is an online trading platform that allows its users to make money by employing their excellent AI-based software A.Q.U.A that exploits arbitrages in the markets at a 99% success rate.

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