Winter Weather Warning: Salt Residue Can Damage Floor Finishes

October 18 00:21 2019
Winter Weather Warning: Salt Residue Can Damage Floor Finishes

Salt can help keep the sidewalks and roads clear, allowing people to travel safer when it snows. However, it can damage the flooring inside homes when it’s tracked in on clothes and shoes. Homeowners who want to keep their home looking great and as clean as possible will want to make sure any salt is cleaned quickly before it damages the flooring in their home. Help is available from companies like if you have any flooring damage from the salt.

Prevention is the Best Way to Protect Floors

The best way to protect flooring from salt stains and other damage are through prevention. A thick mat that can be easily cleaned at the entryway can collect salt while shoes are taken off, so the shoes aren’t worn inside the home. Wash the shoes on a regular basis to make sure they aren’t damaged by the salt either and to minimize the amount of salt that can build upon them and get inside the home.

Neutralize the Salt on Hardwood or Tile

Vacuum the floor to get any loose pieces of salt from hardwood or tile floors, then clean them properly to remove all of the salt. Cleaning can be done with vinegar and water sprayed on the floor. Let the mixture sit so it dissolves the smaller salt particles, then mop the floor. Use a microfiber mop or towel when mopping the floor to avoid damaging the floor if there are any pieces of salt left.

Vacuuming and Washing Helps Carpets

Carpeting needs to be handled a little bit differently because the salt can dig into the carpet. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any larger pieces of salt. Then, spray a mixture of vinegar and water on the carpet. Let this soak for a few minutes, then use towels to remove all of the water from the carpet. It’s important to make sure the carpet is gently washed to avoid damage. Companies like Cutting Edge Flooring Services can help homeowners keep carpets clean and prevent damage from salt residue.

Professional Help May be Needed

When there is too much salt building up inside the home or the flooring has become damaged because of the salt residue, it’s a good idea to seek professional help. They can restore the flooring and ensure it looks great, plus provide more tips on how to care for the flooring to prevent further damage. Homeowners can check out websites like to schedule a time to have their flooring cleaned.

If you’re dealing with damaged caused by salt residue on your flooring, proper cleaning and deciding on how to prevent it from occurring again can help. If your flooring has been damaged or you would like help ensuring your flooring is cleaned properly, contact a professional today. Give them a call now to ensure your floors look amazing again.

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