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October 21 19:48 2019

In the era of digital assets globalization, in the virtual world of increasing digital assets every year, who preempts the opportunity, who gets the initiative of the new era and the first opportunity to create wealth!

Digital Strategy Investment Group, DSM is registered in the British Virgin Islands. The group industry covers property, hotel, tourism, finance, retail and digital assets, and has an international legal operating licence. Among them the digital asset operation main body falls in Thailand, obtains the support of the government and the various commercial circles in Thailand, in the local laws and regulations permission under the licensed operation!

DSM Digital Strategy Management

DSM aims to create a digital asset platform for the circulation of digital asset payment applications-determined to build the first digital asset “global Alipay” card platform, linking more application payment scenarios.

DSM is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, with an Asia Pacific operations center based in Thailand and based in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, with in-depth collaboration with UK finance, Dubai Digital Trading platform and Dubai and Thai properties. The group chain industry implants the concept of digital asset card economy and constructs the ecological circle of digital asset card economy.

At present, DSM Group strategic cooperative real estate includes Thai real estate, Dubai imar real estate, Malaysian real estate and other real estate group industrial chain cooperation, in the payment field with DSM encryption digital assets global payment!

At present, the digital asset mines under the DSM industrial chain enjoy the dividend era of Bitcoin in the next three years with the global, including northern Thailand, Iceland, Iran, Greater China Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Xinjiang and other places, professional mining team professional operation!

What is the value encryption digital voucher which can be circulated by TOKEN: the block chain makes the assets circulate freely in the form of pass card, and the pass card is the unity of circulation, value and voucher. Through the use of block chain technology, Token Economy: reconstructs the economic process and economic organization by issuing and circulating encrypted currency to improve the efficiency of economic activities or create a new economic form.

DSM is based on ERC-20 technology, a global distribution of 169 million units, never more.

DSM overseas technical team from the United Kingdom, Korea, Japan and Singapore, has participated in a number of global digital asset development and overseas promotion projects. DSM card uses multi-latitude digital assets technology, It includes artificial intelligence, VR technology and powerful payment system. Through the link function of digital assets, the industrial chain of DSM is promoted by using the module of card economy, so as to achieve the world economic system.

DSM’s future development covers property, e-commerce, finance, hotels, tourism, cross-border payments, digital trading platforms and gaming, using DSM value flows to create the world’s first digital asset, “Global Alipay” platform. Participating players and partners share dividends and all benefits from each project of the platform.

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