Scent-OSA: Perfume Workshop Singapore launches New unique and creative Corporate team building

October 21 21:57 2019
“Make a Bespoke Scent based on your true Perfume personality”

Are you still struggling with new ideas for team building? Do you want to get to know you and your team better in a special, creative way? Then join Perfume Workshop Singapore to experience a unique new style of team building. Scent-OSA is located at 51 Imbiah Road, in the heart of Sentosa – The state of fun!  

Of all our senses, smell is the most distinctive, and defines our unique style and personality. In fact, your scent-processing neurons are in exactly the same place as your memories! And you can learn even more about this during our fun perfume workshop.

During the team-building activity, you will not only get to know your 5 senses, but also understand the inner character of each other. The perfume personality test will even help you understand your conflict area and the personality traits behind these conflicts.

Scent-OSA Perfume Workshop covers these 5 unique and creative activities to make sure you and your team have an awesome experience:

1. Introduction to your senses, with special focus on the Sense of Smell.

2. Individual Perfume personality test.

3. Discovering what it means to be citrus, fresh, floral, woody and oriental.

4. Making a perfume that matches your results. There are over 400 ingredients to choose from, most of which are infused with native Singapore orchid fragrance oils. These fragrance oil collections are divided into separate sets for men and women.

5. Fun add-on team building activities after perfume making, such as “Guess who” (find out more about these activities on our website).

6. Friendly team competition. The group will be divided up into teams. The teams will then compete against each other to win a unique gift.

7. Choice of making (halal-safe) room freshener. Perfume Workshop Singapore is the scent stage that belongs to you.

8. End of the Perfume making course. You will leave with a bespoke personal scent that fits your unique characteristics.

Perfume Workshop Singapore specializes in native Singapore orchid fragrance oils. This is because Singapore’s warm climate allowed orchids to flourish, and as a result these beautiful flowers were found everywhere. Unfortunately, as mankind started deforestation around the area to build a city, most of these orchids disappeared. The Surviving 200+ have been documented carefully preservation. 

At Scent-OSA, people get to study their own scent characteristics and add their personal choice of essential oils into their fragrance. These oils will be at your disposal on the day, so you can blend an individual bespoke scent. 

Besides team building, the amazing olfactory experiences at Scent-OSA are also available to couples and friends. So come along, and step into a imaginative perfume wonderland to create a signature scent that is tailored perfectly for yours truly. 

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