Ronny Carson’s Newest Book “Overcoming Darkness: From Convict To Comic” Offers Readers The Impetus To Jump Start Their Lives And Achieve Their Goals

October 21 18:52 2019

Author Ronny Carson is proud to announce the release of his newest book “Overcoming Darkness: From Convict To Comic”-a book that talks about the adventurous life journey of the author. Anybody that loves motivational books should endeavor to buy and read this heart-warming book. The book is offering encouragement, motivation, and empowerment for readers to create their own paths to success.

“Overcoming Darkness: From Convict To Comic” is an encouraging account of the life-changing experiences that shaped the writer’s determination to overcome incredible adversity to ultimately motivate those who feel that they are experiencing some downtime. It leaves the reader to speculate about whether these might be revelations from someplace unknown or true-life, the product of an imaginative mind.

According to the synopsis of the book, “Are You Scared? I was terrified! Fear made me do it! This is the true-life story of up and coming, comedian Ronny Carson. As a kid, he didn’t have to run away to the circus was already there. With an abusive father, the animal trainer. His parents’ divorce. Abused as a young child, then as a teenager. Ronny takes action into his own hands and kills a man. The book you are about to read is like reading Ronny’s confession. Going from The Big Top to The Big House, then to the Big Stage. In every bad situation, there’s truly a silver lining. This book has it all: Fear, Loss, Hate, Sadness, and Pain. That becomes Wisdom, Kindness, Understanding, and Love. Let Ronny’s life inspire you. You will learn: How to cope with stressful situations. How to stop the emotional pain How to feel better about yourself is a story of hope. Go ahead, buy, and start reading.”

Every page of “Overcoming Darkness: From Convict To Comic” is written with a personal touch such that either one read this book beginning from the front to back, it does not matter; the message that the book contains will touch the depth of one’s heart in several ways and transform it. One must buy this book to get the taste of its excitement as words cannot describe the beauty of “Overcoming Darkness: From Convict To Comic.”

“Overcoming Darkness: From Convict To Comic “has been published on Amazon can be purchased all over the world. Readers who wish to experience this potent work can go ahead to purchase it from Amazon and all other digital platforms. For more information about “Overcoming Darkness: From Convict To Comic,” please go to

About the Author

Ronny Carson is an up and coming comedian & actor. Growing up in the circus, Ronny has a unique perspective on life and has discovered that by entertaining people, he can help everyone enjoy life a little bit more. Traveling between the USA, Mexico, and Brazil, he’s had to learn to speak all three languages. Visit to find out more

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