THE TEEN RUNWAY helps young girls from their first day of high school to their senior year of college

October 22 04:09 2019

THE TEEN RUNWAY is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. Founded by Lauren Hochman the years ago – as a way to reach out to the world and give fashion and beauty advice to thousands of girls just like her – it has begun a point of reference for thousands of teens for being “their most fashionable self”. In creating the blog Lauren got inspired by Teen Vogue; as she reported, “That was until I read my first fashion magazine, Teen Vogue, and everything changed. I was captivated by every page and felt the need to express everything I was feeling”.

THE TEEN RUNWAY is looking for contributors that share its mission to cover teens from your first day of high school to their senior year of college and beyond. Anyone who has a true interest in writing about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle can contribute from the link:

We have asked Lauren, founder of THE TEEN RUNWAY, a few questions to better understand her blog vision and mission.

Q. How does THE TEEN RUNWAY help teens? And what impact has fashion on a teen’s life?
A. THE TEEN RUNWAY helps teens by reporting the latest fashion and beauty trends, discovering new products through reviews and gift guides, reporting about current issues, such as homeschooling, and budgeting as a student. As for your second question, fashion has an immense impact on a teen’s life. Experimenting with style is one of the first ways that adolescents start discovering who they are and what sets them apart from their peers. It gives them an identity, a way to express themselves, and have fun.

Q. What expansion plans do you have for the blog?
A. I have many goals for my blog in the future. One of which is to build a team of student writers to bring different opinions and world views to my articles. In the long-run, I plan to turn my blog into the ultimate online news website for high school and college students, with articles ranging from school advice to breaking news in the fashion and beauty industry.

Q. How do contributors benefit by writing for your blog?
A. My contributors will benefit in a myriad of ways, including earning real-world experience in the online media industry, creating a portfolio of published writing samples to show future employers and schools, and getting their name out in front of thousands of people, which is especially helpful for bloggers. I feel that, by coming together as a team, we can start a partnership that will benefit us both equally.

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