Blockey’s CTO Talked About Blockey Convofitting System in a Recent Interview

October 22 04:21 2019


Hongkong – Oct 21, 2019 – The Chief Technology Officer of Blockey, Mr. Patrick B. Bindas, was interviewed recently by the media in connection with the use of the Blockey ConvoFitting system to make better-priced execution in cryptocurrency market.

Blockey started the ConvoFitting System development way back in 2018, which marks it as a new traffic portal. This uses the smart routing technology to roll together neutral network algorithms, convofitting transactions, lowering market impact costs, and rate.

According to Mr. Patrick B. Bindas, this trading system will utilize a distinct ConvoFitting trading method among OTC markets and cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing them to make intelligent routing orders, combined with convolutional network algorithms, as well as AI systems backed by machine learning.

Apart from that, the CTO highlighted that this system will help medium-sized and small-sized businesses to fix their problems. They will improve the frequency of trading of these businesses by presenting with liquidity and by providing trading orders. They are aware that the number of arbitrage from small funds can’t match the trading volume of every platform. What’s more, it’s too complicated to alter the price difference among those platforms.

The groundbreaking platform now discovered opportunities that lie in a predicament. They have schemes to replenish the cost difference between orders at the Exchange platforms through AI for both big funds and institutional investors.

“With 10 billion in your possession, only 1% of the price difference could create 100 million in profits! Based on years of trading technology and experience in the foreign exchange futures market, Blockey offers a variety of innovative solutions. We aim to conduct convofitting trading at assorted Exchanges and OTC markets financed by large funds to earn the most profits for professional institutional clients while reducing the risk of large investments,” said Patrick.

Some of the key features of Blockey includes innovative broker mode. This is very handy to carry out users to pull new and transform customer service, allowing everybody to establish a win-win brokerage firm. It also includes on-the-counter sponsorship incubation, docking quality assets, and projects. Blockey ConvoFitting System will also cover business scenarios with functions such as risk control, asset management settlement, broker management, and other related functions.

Not to mention, there’s one-click registration. Users only need one account; it has global trading currency too. Ultimately, the platform fits the global trading networks of thousands of digital currency trading parts around the globe. Its transaction depth covers more than ninety percent.

About Blockey

Blockey is founded by Morgan Stanley DMG & Partners Securities, the Swiss Blockchain Foundation, DCG, the Gilder Technology Fund, and Boost VC. After five years of progress, the Blockey R&D team has developed to a hundred staffs and has already branches in Chicago, New York, Finland, Switzerland, and London. Their company covers over 30 nations and their clients include investors, professional traders, family funds, banks, and institutions.

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