New platform FinNexus aims to offer convenient access to diverse range of blockchain assets

October 22 18:06 2019

Boris Yang, previously VP of Product at Wanchain (a reputable public blockchain focused on privacy and interoperability) announced the launch of FinNexus. The project is based in Beijing, which is a major center for fintech in China. FinNexus aims to build a platform which offers investors a wide variety of blockchain based assets. The project aims to address several issues which its founder, Mr. Yang, feels have been preventing blockchain based assets from taking off. Perhaps paramount of the issues FinNexus aims to tackle is the issue of diversity in blockchain based investments.

“One of the biggest challenges facing the potential token investor today is lack of asset diversity.” – Boris Yang,  FinNexus Founder & CEO

While there are thousands of blockchain based assets available for investors to purchase, they tend to share similar investment profiles as high risk, largely speculative assets. FinNexus aims to solve this issue by issuing a variety of low risk assets backed by the real world value and companies.

Tokenized Assets With Real Value

In its first iteration, FinNexus will focus on the ‘tokenization’ of assets with real world value. ‘Tokenization’ refers to the issuance of blockchain based tokens which represent real world assets. This allows for the creation of assets backed by real world value which are also able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by blockchain technology.

FinNexus’s flagship asset is a short term corporate bond offered by Superatom, a company incubated by the multinational corporation Cheetah Mobile. The bond will give crypto investors the chance to earn a fixed interest rate on a tokenized corporate bond.

Following the launch of the flagship bond offered by Superatom, FinNexus 1.0 will onboard further tokenized bonds in cooperation with other with other organizations. 

The significance of tokenized bonds

Tokenized bonds give cryptocurrency investors options for diversifying the risk / return profile of their investment portfolios while still taking advantage of all the advantages brought by blockchain technology. After launching, FinNexus will work to onboard more low risk moderate return assets in order to meet investor demands for assets with diverse risk profiles.

“Compared to cryptocurrencies, such assets can resist systemic risks such market crashes. They are a good option for investors who wish to hedge the risk of investing in crypto, but still wish to invest in blockchain products.”  —  Boris Yang

Moving Forward

FinNexus 1.0 is currently under active development with a scheduled release of the platform and flagship asset launch by the end of December 2019. The release of further assets and technical updates will be announced through all of FinNexus’s official social channels.

Their homepage is currently live at

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