Natasha Beck of Dr. Organic Mommy offers recipes for parents looking to start a healthy lifestyle for their children

October 22 18:18 2019
Natasha Beck of Dr. Organic Mommy offers recipes for parents looking to start a healthy lifestyle for their children
It’s important to have a safe and friendly space where parents can explore what it means for their children to be well and healthy. Natasha Beck of Dr. Organic Mommy has created that in her site where she shares recipes as well as tips for parents.

Dr. Organic Mommy is the perfect place for all parents out there who are concerned with what kids eat these days. With so much unfamiliar and unknown ingredients being added to the foods that people buy and eat, it can leave people confused and ignorant about how it affects the body, especially on children. Dr. Organic Mommy was started by Natasha Beck, a concerned mom of three with a passion for cooking and living a healthier lifestyle. It tackles topics related to parenting, travel, and pregnancy. By visiting the site, people can check out the blogs for updates or check out the shop section for different products that any parent or soon-to-be parent might use.

In the food section, Natasha Beck has made a helpful guide for what to prepare for children for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. All the recipes have been tested by Natasha Beck herself and each ingredient scrutinize to make sure it offers the best nutritional value for children to develop in a healthy and holistic way. A particularly popular recipe for pancakes involves using coconut hemp pulp which is gluten-free and dairy-free. This delicious and healthy meal is rich in protein and iron that’ll help for the development of muscle tissues. Another inventive lunch menu that has many kids screaming with delight is the Space Lunch Adventure. This vegan and gluten-free meal include forbidden rice noodles, cucumber flowers, sun-dried tomato hummus, and mango slices for dessert. Not only is it healthy, but it’s also informative as well. It’s perfect for children just learning about outer space.

Another way that is beneficial to many parents is through its blog posts. Here, Natasha Beck posts topics that relate to the health and wellness of children. These are tackled and explored in depth. Posts such as “How to Get Your Kids to Eat their Lunch at School” is a great resource for parents having trouble getting their children to eat their healthy meals. It is also in the blog posts that Dr. Organic Mommy can talk more in-depth about the recipes that she’s created. It is through the blog posts the audiences get to see how the recipe idea came about and the seemingly endless testing that was necessary to perfect the recipe before it was fit for sharing.

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