The Reading and Note-taking Experience on Boox Max3

October 22 21:45 2019

The Reading and Note-taking Experience on Boox Max3

The Boox Max3 is the latest Onyx E-reader of Max series, which features a 13.3-inch E Ink flexible screen with a PMMA base. Equipped with the processor Octa-core 2.0GHz, Boox Max3 helps you get things done fast with its outstanding firmware functionalities. Paired with the mighty chipset, paper-like screen, advanced operating system, the Boox Max3 breaks through the limits of eReader and acts more like a tablet.

With the rise of the Apple Pencil, a mass of similar styluses come along with tablets on the market. It seems that it’s only been in recent years that folks have got interested in handwriting on tablets, but actually the experienced Boox users got their hands on writable eReaders many years ago. Onyx has always been pursuing a better writing experience. Boox Max3 features a streamlined design with a flush plastic-based screen, which is more durable and shatterproof. Unlike the slippy glass-based screens of general tablets, Boox Max3 emulates the friction between paper and pen. Slightly sketching on the screen, you can even feel the paper-like texture and grain, and hear the pen scratch across the paper. This kind of material delivers a remarkably smooth and natural drawing experience.

In addition, Boox Max3 comes with a white stylus. It does not have any side button that is used to trigger eraser function as compared to the last-generation styluses. However, users can still use the opposite end to simply erase what you write. The barrel of the stylus is as thick as a fountain pen, which makes sure users could have a bigger grip to write. This stylus can be used for other Boox models. The Boox Max3 features advanced 4,096 degrees of pressure sensitivity, which means it can provide impressive precision, adding comfort and accuracy to note-taking and drawing.

As technology constrains — the ePaper, for the moment at least, is not able to display colors like a tablet with LCD screens, it’s possible to show various gray degrees on E Ink displays. Onyx adds a new feature that allows users to write and draw in several levels of gray in the built-in Note app. Besides that, red, green and blue colors are also available but they are only visible after the note files have been exported to desktops.

Another new feature for note-taking is that Boox Max3 supports to insert images. The built-in Note app offers a tool to create geometrical shapes such as triangles, squares and circles but apparently that’s not enough. Recognizing the need for rich note elements, developers made a feature allows users to add images to notes. The inserted images are not included as a layer. Users can re-size, enlarge, rotate them, drag them all over the screen and position them anywhere, and even remove part of them by the eraser. For instance, at the time you are writing a report for data statistics, pure texts are just kind of monotonous, so to insert a bar chart could make your report more reliable. Or perhaps, attaching a reference photo does help for detailing your notes. It is believed that these new features could express your creative ideas.

On the other hand, there are a lot of improvements in reading. The 13.3-inch screen size is huge. Users do not have to pinch and zoom to read A4 size documents, something people with small-size eReaders may constantly have a problem with. Turning it from portrait mode to landscape mode, it will have double pages showing at the same time. A hefty change on the landscape mode is it has the capability to split view for different documents or notes. In such a way, users can open two e-books side by side and respectively scribble on both sides. Imagine that with this feature, you can have a novel open one side of the display and the adapted comic on the other side. There are also many other impressive options to improve the reading experience such as auto-crop, reflow, contrast, font size, etc.

As to develop a high-performance, user-friendly eReader to users, Onyx has put forth efforts to optimize reading and note-taking features on E Ink display. Boox Max3 is versatile for additional features like OTG support, secondary monitor, and fingerprint recognition, however, Onyx primarily focuses on reading and handwriting features.

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