Amazon Giveaway Retired! Will It Make A Difference for Amazon Sellers?

October 23 00:03 2019
Amazon Giveaway Retired! Will It Make A Difference for Amazon Sellers?

It is official. Amazon has canceled its Amazon Giveaway program! On September 27, Amazon sent an email to all the hosts who have run giveaways stating that it is retiring its giveaway program and that the brands can create new giveaways through October 10, 2019. October 17 was the last date for customers to enter the giveaways. Amazon thanked all the hosts that contributed to awarding customers using its Giveaway program all these years. 

It is not the first time Amazon has retired one of its programs. The list includes Amazon Live, Amazon Spark, Amazon Restaurants, and Amazon Storywriter.    

Amazon stated that they decided to retire the Amazon Giveaway program after careful consideration. Amazon Giveaway was a platform for Amazon authors and sellers to increase product awareness and sales using promotional giveaways, such as sweepstakes. It was a good advertising channel for sellers to promote their products, and with it retiring, there is a raise of concern among them.

Is it really going to affect the sellers?

Well, truth to be told, it is not the end of the world for Amazon sellers. Amazon Giveaway was one of the many platforms that Amazon offers. There are many other established ways to promote your products and maximize your sales on Amazon. 

Amazon Giveaway was just a medium to grab the buyer’s attention by offering free stuff. On the contrary, it is difficult to stand out against over two million merchants. Since there are so many products on the marketplace, customers have neither time nor patience to go through every single one of them. This is where Amazon Giveaway helped sellers in increasing their brand awareness.   

However, it is achievable in many other different ways. The key to reaching potential Amazon customers is maximizing your listings’ visibility. All you have to do is make it easy for the customers to find your product(s), and you are on track to accomplish significant sales. 

To maximize your listings’ visibility, we have highlighted the key ways to drive internal traffic within Amazon and external traffic outside of Amazon to your products. These strategies will lead your target audience right to your listings so that they can move into your sales funnel and grow to become a customer.  

External Promotion 

External promotion for your Amazon product listing is using outside channels for driving traffic back to your listing. It enables you to catch the eye of customers who aren’t already on the marketplace to review your listing. 

The following are some examples of external promotion methods, other than Amazon Giveaways, used by successful Amazon sellers for their Amazon listings: 

  • Getting Backlinks – Find ways to link to your product listings. Publishing blog posts is one way to maximize your products’ visibility and drive external traffic
  • Search Engine Optimization – Include keywords that your potential customers are using for searching products related to yours and have it rank high in search engine results 
  • Social Media – Create quality ads and connect with influencers to spread product awareness and link back to your product listings on social media 

External promotions become easy if you use the right set of Amazon seller tools. SellerMotor offers a suite of well-established and quality seller tools that can help you make your product listings stand out to customers outside of the marketplace and maximize your sales.  

Internal Promotion 

Suppose you sell men’s watches. You need to understand that you aren’t the only seller selling the accessory on Amazon. There are hundreds and thousands of sellers also offering men’s watches. 

Watches aren’t an exception. Amazon is saturated with sellers, across all products! Well, Amazon Giveaway proved great in this scenario, as it provided direct exposure of products to the customers without much of a hassle. 

However, there are ways other than giveaways, to beat the competition.   

The following are some examples of internal promotion methods used by successful Amazon sellers for promoting their products: 

  • Rank high on Amazon product search results – As per Amazon Seller Central, Amazon search engine considers sales history, selection, availability, price, and text match to rank listings. The majority of the customers don’t bother moving past the first page of search results. Hence, ranking high on search results is the key to reaching potential customers. 
  • Win the Buy Box – Winning the Amazon Buy Box means supreme visibility. It is the first highlighted price option and a key way of attracting customers on Amazon. There is a multitude of factors considered by Amazon for picking the Buy Box seller – primarily the seller rating, price, and shipping type. 

These internal promotion strategies make sure that customers can easily find your product listing. However, you will need the right set of Amazon seller tools like SellerMotor to tackle Amazon’s crowded marketplace and make the customers purchase from you. 

Amazon Sellers Have Nothing to Worry About 

The points mentioned in external and internal promotions are vast and not just limited to what we have provided here. As an Amazon seller, it is your obligation to research new ideas and strategies to make your business thrive in the competitive market. It is in the nature of Amazon. It had and will always come up with new programs for the sellers to make selling easier. 

It can be said that giveaways had functioned as an outstanding means to magnify visibility, blending well with off-Amazon promotions. The exact reason behind Amazon retiring the program is unclear at this time.  

However, you need to understand that the Amazon Giveaway program was just a supplement to your Amazon business. With Amazon canceling it, doesn’t make your business crumble. With one door closes, the other opens. And luckily, with Amazon, there are plenty of doors for you to open. 

If you have any questions or queries about how the end of Amazon Giveaway will influence your brand, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help you out. 

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