Jubilee Ace Offers Platform for Crypto Triangular Arbitrage with Automatic Trade Orders

October 22 21:16 2019
Jubilee Ace Offers Platform for Crypto Triangular Arbitrage with Automatic Trade Orders

New York, NY – Crypto traders can take advantage of new tools created with the help of artificial intelligence to earn more profits with reduced risks. In the field of triangular arbitrage, where three crypto currencies can be traded for yields, a new tool is A.Q.U.A., or the Ace Quantum Universal Arbitrage. Created by Jubilee Ace, this arbitrage bot is the latest way to earn some cool profits in crypto trading.

The AQUA keeps collecting price information from crypto exchanges round the clock, and this data is then fed into AI based analysis. A risk arbitrage factor is assigned to each analysis, and if it turns out to be positive, the bot uses the exchange API to place an automatic order within fractions of a second. The process is then repeated for other triangular pairs.

The AQUA bot allows for high level of concurrency by using multi-threading. The algorithm has been developed in-house and aims at minimizing arbitrage failure to less than 1%. It is the same triangular arbitrage logic we use in other markets, and now extended to crypto trades,” said a spokesperson for Jubilee Ace.

Although there are other triangular bots and conventional arbitrage tools available, the AQUA bot is uniquely designed for this purpose. It allows for automated trade execution, AI data analysis and has a 99% success rate. In triangular arbitrage, the price differences are exploited amongst three currencies in a market. It is also called cross-currency or three point arbitrage.

When used on crypto exchanges, triangular arbitrage offers several benefits. Firstly, these exchanges are less efficient than forex markets, and thus offer more opportunities. There are also more three currency pairs in crypto, giving rise to more options. Lastly, there exist more crypto exchanges than foreign currency exchanges.

For more information, please visit: https://jubileeace.com/

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