LATIMA adds new products to their illustrious inventory

October 23 19:54 2019

Leading Ho Chi Minh-based natural essential oils supplier, LATIMA, announces the addition of a new set of products to their amazing inventory

LATIMA has continued to establish themselves as a force to reckon with in the provision of stress-relieving essential oils, a claim that has been reiterated with the company’s increased popularity across Vietnam. The company’s goal of becoming the one-stop shop for health solutions, particularly when it comes to using essential oils for the treatment of different health issues has again been reiterated with the addition of new products to the  store’s inventory. This is to enhance their customers’ accessibility to their favorite products.

Essential oils and pure flours have been around for centuries, with millions of people across the globe using them for different purposes. They have become increasingly popular in recent times with more people realizing their benefits. However, the increasing popularity of essential oils and increase in the demand for the product have not been necessarily met with a corresponding supply, as many of the available brands do not meet the needs of consumers. This is where LATIMA has been able to make a huge difference, offering a wide range of oils to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

The store currently offers a wide range of products broadly categorized into Essential Oils and Pure Flours. LATIMA has been able to carve a niche for themselves, thanks to their unique selection of premium quality products to meet different needs. Some of the products featured in the store include essential oils like Radiance Facial Oil, Boost Hair Oil, and Elegance Facial Oil, as well as a plethora of pure flour from quality, trusted brands.

The products offered by LATIMA are sourced from trusted manufacturers in Vietnam and other parts of the globe and are made available at remarkably affordable rates, consequently ensuring that customers do not have to break the bank to get their desired products and live a healthy, happy life.

More information about LATIMA and the amazing products offered by the company, please visit – LATIMA is also available across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.


LATIMA is a popular store that focuses on providing premium quality products at affordable prices, offering a wide range of natural health products to customers. Based out of Ho Chi Minh, the primary goal of the company is to provide the best possible shopping experience and the best selection of natural essential oils and pure flours while allowing shoppers to save time and money. The store continues to source for the latest products on the market, ensuring that customers to their favorite products regardless of their taste.

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