Trusted Mediators Launch New Commercial And Civil Mediation Service in UK

October 23 22:00 2019

October 23, 2019 Given the delays and expenditure associated with court and arbitration proceedings, mediation has become a more preferable way to resolve disputes, whether civil or commercial. Trusted Mediators, a team of UK based experienced mediators, has recently launched its commercial and civil mediation service in the UK.

Mediation is free of hostilities. It is also advisable when both the parties consider mutual resolution a better way than going to court. Trusted Mediators has thus introduced its civil and commercial mediation service, and its well trained and experienced staff will ensure that the process is quick and hassle free.

We are a team of experienced mediators, among the best in the UK, intending to help you reach a cost-effective agreement for you and your business. Now there is no need to wait for months, as our mediation process can resolve the issues in a matter of days,” said Lloyd Harris of Trusted Mediators.

In civil mediation, an alternative process is set up instead of going to a court of law. The parties remain in control of the process, and the mediators play a limited advisory role. A single mediator is usually sufficient, unlike in arbitration or litigation. Mediation is thus cheaper and faster than other forms of dispute resolution.

There are several benefits of mediation, other than low costs and quicker results. The legal overseer is not fixed like in a judicial process, and there is flexibility with time. Usually attorneys play the role of mediators, and thus both parties receive plenty of time to talk about the issue and reach a good agreement acceptable to everyone. Finally, mediation is not binding like arbitration.

With Trusted Mediators, parties can be assured that the process will be handled professionally and amicably. The clients will remain in control, and the mediator will be objective and impartial.

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