How Building, Repairing and Maintaining Flat Roofs Provides Strong Building Protection

October 24 00:52 2019
Flat roofs are at particular risk of damage from sustained rainfall due to their shape causing rain to sit rather than run off, in the way peaked roofs do.

Volatile weather, including heavy rainfall, is an increasing challenge for homeowners around the world, as their properties face an ever-evolving level of threat to the strength and integrity of their structures – particularly the roof. The same goes for commercial roofing on business properties. Flat roofs are at particular risk of damage from sustained rainfall due to their shape causing rain to sit rather than run off, in the way peaked roofs do.

As well as natural wear and tear, roofs can spring leaks because of outdated and failing materials, which begin to degrade as time and the elements take their toll. In very extreme weather situations, roofs can even be blown off. Flat roofing services that not only use superior building standards and materials, but also take into account local factors such as surrounding environment and the unique size and layout of the building, are vital in the safe and secure upkeep of flat roofs.

For flat roofing in Toronto, there is the specialist firm King Koating Roofing, who apply over 20 years’ experience to their work in repairing and installing flat roofs on commercial buildings. They offer a dedicated 24/7 emergency repair service and free quotes for customers. King Koating also tailor their work to the specific requirements of each job, meaning that customers receive exactly the materials and standard of work that their commercial building needs.

And not only do the King Koating team install the flat roofs, they carry out a full inspection and evaluation and also provide ongoing maintenance to any roofs they service. They focus on providing roofing material that is not only resistant to the elements but is also energy-efficient – preventing wasteful leakage of heat and reducing demand on household heating appliances.

“We have 20 years of experience in dealing with a variety of issues associated with flat roofs, so when we carry out our inspection and evaluation we leave no stone unturned in identifying the source problems,” says a spokesperson for King Koating.

“We go one step further than most other businesses in considering the structure and layout of the building and surrounding areas, and also factors that might affect the actual installation job, like site access and traffic. This is all about making the actual day of installation as hassle-free as possible for customers by preparing and planning for any eventuality.”

As well as general wear and tear and weather-related damage, flat roofs can be damaged and require replacement or repair for a wide range of reasons. These include the age of the material used, which has caused cracks and degraded surfaces, or poor initial installation and/or maintenance of the flat roof. Owners of commercial properties may also wish to change their flat roof for aesthetic reasons – opting for a general upgrade in quality or changing the overall look of the building, particularly if it belongs to a company that is carrying out a rebrand.     

About King Koating Roofing

King Koating Roofing has provided services since 1988 and has a team of trained roofing contractors to carry out a range of work on building, repairing and maintaining roofing for commercial properties. Their projects include flat roofs, metal roofing, waterproofing, commercial elastomeric coating and 24/7 emergency repairs.  

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