Vuong Tron inspires a True Fruit Craze

October 24 20:27 2019
Vuong Tron’s dedicated supply of fruit products and its derivatives to almost anywhere anytime has earned them a reputation, which they have built on total legitimacy, consistency and excellence in execution.

Nguyen Truong Phi Vu would like to introduce and announce the state of his new enterprise, Trai Cay Vuong Tron who are quite unparalleled in their specific avenue of concern in Fruit deliveries and other supplies for tea breaks for all possible occasions and events.

Vuong Tron in the native language stands for “Perfect Things”, which speaks about their focus and points of concern of their primary form of service provision. In essence, the brand has become synonymous with all kinds of fruit supply, cake provision and all other forms of installations that can feature across tea-break setups, or other similar occasions like itself. Moreover, these events can be of any type, including conferences and speaking events, company events or co-workers/friends/family gatherings, etc. In every case, whether it is a celebration or a commemoration, fresh fruit sets, smoothies, juice drinks, etc. are all perfected delivered keeping in mind all possible factors involved.

The company Vuong Tron is completely motivated in creating value with regards to all its customers. They do it by keeping two specific things, their services and the products quality, always at the highest level. Through the production of only the most organic stuff imaginable, Vuong Tron also has a definitively deep and far-reaching delivery channels, which shall safely ensure quick and appropriate delivery of the products just like you want them to be. There is also a lot of diversity in the fruit options that are actually provided at large. The company also highlights a deep sense of brand responsibility with a full return and compensation plans reserved if anything goes wrong with the service or the products.

You can find Vuong Tron through their official website, and what they are all about. To know more about the company, access this link:       


Trai Cay Vuong Tron is a commercial service in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which engages in a diverse set of concerns, mostly for being an essential supply of fruit-based food or other forms of refreshments at parties. Their expertise has given them the opportunity to particularly engage in a diverse wave of events and conditions, which have been ultimate to their benefit. But, that is not all, as the brand of Vuong Tron also takes time to engage with their customers enough, on platforms like FacebookPinterest, and Instagram. Through their official website, all these user-generated content are freely available, which helps almost any customer out there.

Media Contact
Company Name: Trai Cay Vuong Tron
Contact Person: Nguyen Truong Phi Vu
Email: Send Email
Phone: +84909675478
Address:120/33/6 Truong Chinh street, ward 12, Tan Binh district
City: Ho Chi Minh city 700000
Country: Vietnam