Dupree Entertainment Group Empowers Music Artist & Brands to Become Big Innovators in their Niche

October 24 20:33 2019
Dupree Entertainment Group Empowers Music Artist & Brands to Become Big Innovators in their Niche

“Nothing is impossible – it might sound too ideal, but if you possess an indomitable spirit and a never-say-die attitude, you can achieve the world” well said by Stephon Dupree. That’s not all – you can inspire and influence people with your ideas and thoughts at the click of a button

Are you in search of a platform that will get your music heard across the world and develop your art, thereby enabling you to achieve great success in your musical career? Then look no further as Dupree Entertainment Group is here to help you.

Stephon Dupree

Music artists who want to achieve maximum exposure and break into limelight now have a place to call home. Founded in 2017 by Stephon Dupree a known cultivator of talent in the music industry, Dupree Entertainment Group offers artist a platform where they can be heard, managed, nurtured, and so much more. They brand give music brands the tools they need to become major players in their respective fields ranging from networking, artist development, consulting, and project management. Going by its tradition the brand believes that hard works from talented musicians should pay off immensely and therefore it was created. Dupree Entertainment Group artist development platform is a de facto of professional standard.

Dupree Entertainment Group a concept of Stephon Dupree is designed to help artists see their dreams as something that can be reached if they apply themselves and stick to a routine.  “We won’t get anywhere if we don’t have a solid routine to get new fans on a daily/weekly basis or perhaps get you the needed media buzz,” said Stephon Dupree. He continued “Our goal is to build a buzz for our clients and ultimately solidify ourselves as a consistent resource and go to place for artist development.”

When asked about the brainchild behind Dupree Entertainment Group, Stephon Dupree the founder fondly smiled and said “The idea dawned on me after realizing how some of our local artists suffered greatly on creating maximum exposure for their voices to be heard, not just been heard but to be developed into a big artist and great innovators.  So, I decided to build a reliable platform that will surpass their cravings and desires for exposure. Dupree Entertainment Group is the future and just the tip of the iceberg to what the future holds for us all”.

Specifically created to give artists both offline and online presence in the global music world, Dupree Entertainment Group offers artists and media brands a voice to be heard thereby offering support that includes digital promotion and consulting. Offline – they put together showcases designed to help artist understand the importance of networking and help them get more experience performing. At Dupree Entertainment Group their services include Soundcloud promotion, Music marketing, Spotify placements, artist development etc.

About Dupree Entertainment Group LLC

Founded in 2017 Dupree Entertainment was started by CEO (Stephon Dupree) who helped with Bryson Tillers Discovery, has ties with French superstar Yo Trane and continues to be a known cultivator of talent in the music industry. Its mission is to build a buzz for their clients and ultimately solidify the brand as a consistent resource and go to place for artist development.

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