The Most Talked About Book on the supernatural – Now Available! The Supernatural Science Theory and Magic

October 24 23:51 2019
Miracle or magic is what science cannot explain or understand until the phenomenon is understood or studied, and is then called a physical event described by scientists.

For those that thought they understood law of attraction, astrology, karma and magic should think again. Dave Rei Martins a religion researcher and quantum mechanics enthusiast has written a book that will blow people’s minds. The Supernatural Science Theory and Magic which is available on Amazon will turn what people think on its head and re-educate them.

There is a book that comes a long every so often that grabs people’s attention and questions what they thought they knew and has them examine those beliefs and knowledge. The Supernatural Science Theory and Magic is that book. Dave Rei Martins has spent many years researching the topics in his book which includes do ghosts exists and if so what are they made of? He uses science and puts those topics under the microscope to explain the real answers.

Those that have read the new book have said it has given them a new insight while others have said they stood there scratching their heads with so many more questions. Others have said they thought they understood how law of attraction works and they thought they understood about ghosts, but now have been left asking questions that they thought didn’t need answering.

When asked more about the book and why he decided to write it, Dave Rei Martins replied: “We are so easy to believe the first thing we are told without really questioning it. For example, many people believe they understand the power of Tarot Cars, but do they? And when we hear about ghosts, are there really any ghosts and if they are then what do they look like and how are they put together. I want to open people’s minds.”

For those people who love the paranormal and spiritual subjects then The Supernatural Science Theory and Magic is the perfect read.

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About Dave Rei Martins

Dave Rei Martins is a religion researcher and quantum mechanics enthusiast. He has been honored in Astrophysics and Cosmology by the Australian National University and has a diploma in Neuropsychology under his belt. His lengthy research has brought together an amalgamation of some of the most interesting of esoteric topics so sort after today and placed them all under the microscope of scientific research. Consequentially, Dave’s research revolutionizes our understanding of spirituality.

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