Attaining A Simple, Secure, and Accurate Method of Business Time Management

October 25 02:21 2019
MinuteHound Announces New Modern Technology To achieve 100% Accountability among Staff

Oct 24, 2019 – MinuteHound has the unique ability to save your company money. In today’s complex business world, MinuteHound presents a simple, everyday application that is part of the “smart” technology family. It is a full solution for any size organization that is tracking employees’ attendance; arrival and departure, including breaks. In an interview with a MinuteHound representative, they expanded on their product offering by saying “Most often, it becomes difficult for large businesses to track and record the whereabouts and activities of all workers. MinuteHound introduces a revolutionary technology that will specifically target the time and attendance market for business. The best part is that these conveniences can be enjoyed at an affordable rate for everyone”.

MinuteHound Time Clock Solution is available for small and medium business firms too. It’s affordability, stability, and flawless performance prove beneficial for all sizes and industries. Every leader relies upon technology and personnel to run their human resources at high efficiency. MinuteHound does not only promote positive staff habits such as eliminating cheating among co-workers, but also safety and security of information. Actual Fingerprints are never collected nor stored, and data security is at the forefront. Each fingerprint is broken down into multiple binary strings and converted into algorithms to provide encryption that goes above and beyond the highest standards. Confidential information will never get to the wrong hands, ever! MinuteHound ensures that stealing time while working is a problem only shared by companies that are not using MinuteHound!

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MinuteHound time clock is extremely advanced and was created for business owners, by business owners. The company started with the purpose of solving a problem: how to stop employees from cheating, buddy punching, and getting paid for the time they never worked. The company quickly realized this problem was shared by just about every business on the planet that has employees. After MinuteHound was born the technology behind it keeps evolving to the point where managers no longer even need to be present. A business owner can be on vacation and quickly login, from anywhere in the world, to check on staff and run reports. Managers no longer need to hassle employees about their timesheets or what hours they worked last week. MinuteHound does all the work for you! 

The data collected from the MinuteHound Time Clock is instantly transferred and saved in the cloud. Therefore, one can easily stay aware in real-time of all staff movement and information. This helps and provides aid in managing time and attendance effectively. This helps and assists all managers to understand their employees and staffing situations, in real-time! 

If that was not enough, MinuteHound has the capability to send e-mails and text messages if an employee misses a shift, clocks in too early or too late, or does not clock in at all. Amazing technology yet seamlessly integrates into every workforce. This way, employees have no excuse at all why they did not clock in or out on their scheduled time. It also creates a record should any employee have a bad habit of being late. You can have the alerts sent to employees, managers, both, and whoever you designate. With such well-organized time attendance management systemsMinuteHound easily crushes the competition through customer service, price, and complete and utter accuracy of their time and attendance technology.

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