Why a Live Wedding Band Gets the Party Started on That Special Day

October 24 22:48 2019
For most couples, their wedding day will be planned as one of the most momentous occasions of their lives. While some couples prefer a small, low-key celebration, there are a significant number who want music, noise and colour to mark their union, honouring the special day among friends and family in as lively a style as possible.

Music and song play a big part in this and it is common for many weddings to hire a DJ and rely on pre-recorded hits being played through a sound system. However, live performers are a more immediate and engaging option for others, providing a greater sense of time and place with a direct performance that is naturally more stimulating in its close proximity. They allow for greater interaction with wedding guests and can add to the overall atmosphere by encouraging singing, dancing and general revelry through direct engagement.

Main Event Music supplies wedding bands in Toronto and have a range of performers they can call on to suit all moods and musical tastes. The ceremony itself, traditionally being a more serious moment where the couple concentrates on their vows and dedicating themselves to each other, might call for a more sober tone – and Main Event Music can provide traditional music or classic love ballads, perhaps with a more modern flavour if preferred.

Following the ceremony, there is usually the evening reception to gear up for, and here Main Event Music can supply bands that are designed to warm the guests up – perhaps while they are enjoying their first drinks and getting into the party mood. Here the wedding band could be a jazz group, or a saxophone player walking around the venue while playing, or even a classical string quartet – Main Event Music can help decide on the most suitable style and tone for pre-party preparations.

During the reception itself it’s usually time for guests to let their hair down, meaning the music required is more high-energy and bombastic. Main Event Music’s roster of Toronto wedding bands have notable party reputations and are experienced in getting guests on to the dance floor. They are accustomed to some of the best-known party songs and can keep them going until the early hours if required.

The team at Main Event Music works with couples and their wedding planners to initially walk through the plans for the day, getting a feel for the structure, schedule and overall style and tone of the day. They can then make suggestions on who from their roster would be best suited to the day, and customers can also book a free showcase to test the experience of a particular band playing live, to ensure they are the perfect fit for the day.

Because of their wider experience across the entertainment industry, Main Event Music can apply industry knowledge to their wedding band work. As well as weddings, the company also provides live music for corporate events, special events in Toronto such as street parties, and even music production for events, including staging, lighting, sound and audio visual technology.

About Main Event Music

Main Event Music is a Toronto wedding band organisation that specializes in providing live music entertainment for weddings. Their service includes working with clients to plan the style, tone and timing of wedding bands according to the overall mood and schedule of the day. Main Event Music also provide services for corporate events and music production for live events. Their website is at maineventmusic.ca and they can be followed on Instagram and YouTube.

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