Hotshots Axe Throwing Opens Up First Location in Tempe, Arizona

January 09 13:51 2020
Tempe is the lucky location to receive the newest craze in entertainment, indoor axe throwing.

Phoenix, AZ, USA – Brian McArthur and Jordan Ruzicka, owners of Alcatraz Escape Room, have opened up their second sure-fire name in the entertainment business: Hotshots Axe Throwing. The newest venue in entertainment is located in Tempe, Arizona, right next door to Alcatraz Escape Room. The duo has capitalized on the building they are in to bring two highly interactive and competitive games to the area. McArthur and Ruzicka are creating the best location in town for having an incredibly fun – and safe – way to hang out with friends. Drinking beer and throwing axes? Yes! You can spend an evening in a controlled environment with an “Axe Coach” looking over your shoulder.

For those new to axe throwing and are unsure of the technique, can rest easy. All patrons are assigned an Axe Coach who will guide you on how to safely throw an axe, and then stick that bulls-eye! In addition to the unique setting, Hotshots Axe Throwing sets itself apart by allowing patrons to BYOB (bring your own beverages) and bring in outside food. There will be theme nights and community events, as the dual entertainment venue raises the bar and competes to be the best place to hang out in Tempe.

The uniqueness of the new urban axe throwing locales is that it is easy, interactive, and as low-key, or as ramped up as it is you prefer. Consider it as the up-to-date and way cooler bowling alley of the 70s. Plus, Hotshots Axe Throwing is one of the best looking axe throwing venues in the country.

How axe-throwing works

Throwers aim at the target and earn points based on where their axes land. Hitting the center would earn you five points, the circle around it three points, and the outer circle one. There’s no previous skill required. And when it comes to performing well, it’s a 50/50 split between men and women. For men, they tend to put all their brute strength into hurling the axe. For women, they tend to have a little more finesse, that often results in high scores. For golfers, axe throwing comes more naturally.

Axe throwing is the type of activity you’ll want to do over and over, creating some friendly competition with friends and colleagues. It’s also a great way to burn off some steam after a long day of work. Axe throwing is definitely an upgrade from billiards and bowling, and a lot more dramatic than an evening at the bar.

Depending on the group size, the axe throwing session generally takes 1.5 to 2 hours. All equipment, including axes, is supplied by the venue. Most axe-throwing bars also have axe-throwing leagues that add a competitive twist to the sport.

The World Axe Throwing League was created in early 2017 as 12 companies united to spread the axe throwing love. The league has now expanded to 20 countries and has a membership of more than 150 companies.

About 12,000 axe throwers compete annually to qualify for the World Championship. This is ESPN’s second year covering the World Axe Throwing League’s World Championship, and the winner takes home a $15,000 prize. An additional $7,000 in other prizes will be awarded, too.

About Hotshots Axe Throwing

In addition to being a great date night option, Hotshots Axe Throwing also prides itself by hosting an axe-throwing league, private and corporate events, team building and more. To ensure your next event is a success and full of memories and stories, schedule your own lane or create customizable packages at Hotshots Axe Throwing at 1290 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 102, Tempe AZ.

To schedule an interview or feature with Brian McArthur, contact Mr. McArthur at 801-592-4400.

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