Ghostware – Maria Johnsen Film Producer invites Jonathan Glickman at Metro Golden Mayer (MGM)

January 09 14:09 2020

Ghostware is a sci-fi horror feature film project which is commercially viable with (sales estimated well over $300 Million in worldwide box office). It has already got public’s attention in Europe and North America. Maria Johnsen invites Mr. Clickman at Metro Golden Mayer (MGM) to come onboard as an executive producer at Golden Way Media Films. Maria Johnsen believes Ghostware will earn MGM another success in sales.

Logline: A troubled young woman moves to a new town and falls in love with a young man who is not what he seems.

Short Synopsis: When a grieving young woman and her mysterious new boyfriend are caught up in a series of disturbing supernatural events, they begin to suspect the sinister A.I software company she works for and their latest technological innovation – an A.I machine that allows users to materialize the dead.

“We believe the heart and soul of a great sci-fi horror feature film is one that focuses on characters, and story. Then teases you into thinking about what it could be, and brings you along slowly until the fear and tension are at its peak to finally show its hand. A terrifying drama, in other words. That’s where “Ghostware” comes in. Out of the 20 most profitable movies of all time, based on return on investment (ROI), 10 of them have been horror. That’s 50% of the movies that have returned the most money to investors.

Being an Indie filmmaker is very tough these days. Film finance companies, private entities and film institute in the UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Finland, Italy and Spain barely finance an indie film. It doesn’t matter how beautifully your script is written, they simply don’t finance it. They finance only known big production companies’ films that already have funds to make their films! In 2019 we have advertised online to bring onboard executive producers to collaborate with us to make this film. Out of 900 executive producers in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway and Czech Republic, we interviewed 200 of them who had experience between 3 to 45 years. They all had one thing in common; none of them had expertise in sales and understanding of sales projection. When an executive producer cannot understand and predict a viability of a project, then he or she should find something else to do.

We believe only qualified executive producers such as Mr. Jonathan Clickman understands the commercially viability of a film project. I have a great respect for him as he worked his way up as a president of MGM and investing on Ghostware can be the best investment MGM can make.

The budgets for horror films tend to be much smaller versus other types of films. It won’t capture the giant headlines of the latest Marvel movie, but it doesn’t have to. A typical studio movie will have a 200 million dollar budget with at least that much on top for marketing costs. It would need 400 million just to break even! With “Ghostware”, however, its performance level can be much lower while still returning a higher percentage to MGM” Says Maria Johnsen the writer, director and producer

Maria Johnsen includes: “Another reason is that horror fans have a real appetite for independent horror films. They are driven to these types of films constantly. Movies like “Blair Witch”, “Paranormal Activity”, “The Babadook”, or “It Follows” were produced outside the studio system, but because of horror fans seeking out these lower budget films, they were able to get a mass release for maximum dollars.

We asked her why Sci-fi Horror?

 “It is an expressive genre that bridges many metaphors and lessons in life. Now with the continued financial success of horror films in the market, we felt this is the perfect time for this offering.” She said.

We asked: Is Ghostware marketable?

 “Yes. Most people think that only movies with popular cast and crew sell. The truth is, even the low budget films pave their way into the market if they prove to be quality and good enough to please the audience. We have already designed horrifying unique SFX makeup for our creatures and Wesen and our production designer is working on unique production design. All we need is a powerful executive producer to take this project to the next level,“ replied Maria Johnsen with confidence.

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