21-Year Old Student Romy Johnson Starts an Ed-Tech Company “Cool Gurus” That Already Achieved More Than Rs 3.5 Crores in 1 Year

January 13 22:48 2020
Student, young businessperson Romy Johnson offers IELTS stress-free courses online through his Kerala-based startup British India Academy collaboration “Cool Gurus.” This Indian startup already reached Rs 3.5 crores in a year.


Cool Gurus, an ed-tech startup based in Canada with well-established operations in Kerala, India, continues to deliver comprehensive IELTS courses online. This Indian startup and joint venture with Kerala-based British India Academy was founded by Romy Johnson, who is only 21 years and a student of the University of Regina in Canada. Along with his team, Romy made it possible to provide combined learning management through cloud-based LMS and mobile learning.

According to Romy Johnson, “With the help of my hardworking, professional team, we can now deliver an end-to-end suite of e-Learning and web solutions dedicated to education, business, charities, and public sector. We aim to improve both the teaching and learning of English without putting stress and pressure to the learners at low-cost Cool Gurus IELTS courses.”

Cool Gurus is also designed to provide intensive online language learning courses, such as teaching English for Indian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Polish, and Chinese speakers. In November 2019, this startup got its first milestone by offering courses to more than 10,000 active learners. Currently, the company valued over Rs.55 crores in Kerala, India. 

Despite his age, this 21-year old Romy Johnson and his Unicorn startup Cool Gurusalready made a mark in the e-learning industry. According to Romy, the inspiration behind the startup is on how people prefer studying in their comfort zone while balancing their day-to-day activities. That’s how e-learning makes every learner’s life easier.

Unlike other entrepreneurs who started their journey by falling in love with the solution and not with the problem, Romy Johnson knows exactly the problems during the student’s preparation for IELTS and English Courses. He discovered that students were not able to acquire the necessary learning due to problems, including a lack of guidance, no practice test series, and high tuition fees. That is why Romy came up with an idea of offering IELTS courses with one-on-one sessions and interactive sessions and can be learned from anywhere.

Now, Romy Johnson targets to offer IELTS along with a complete training kit to almost 1 million learners around the globe. Besides, all e-learning plans of Cool Gurus will then include writing and speaking scores.

About Cool Gurus:

Founded by young, talented Romy Johnson, Cool Gurus is a one-stop solution for comprehensive IELTS online courses designed for all levels of English. This British India Academy offers online courses that combine one-on-one sessions and creativity. Through his dedication and entrepreneurial skills, Romy was able to bring quality IELTS teaching standards while catering to the real needs of the learners.

For more details about the IELTS online courses offered by Cool Gurus, do not hesitate to visit http://coolgurus.com or email at [email protected].

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