YINGHERA Breaks Through the Worldwide Problem of Chloasma Working Out the Frustrations for Global Women

February 26 23:12 2020

The core ingredients of YINGHERA comes from the UK, which match a variety of effective ingredients to whiten and brighten the skin, making it an effective way to solve chloasma. YINGHERA is also a good product trusted by women all over the world, and it has been recognized by experts at home and abroad in chloasma treatment.

Introduction to China·Hainan Keyimei Company and Its Product YINGHERA

China·Hainan Keyimei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is based on Hainan Free Trade Zone, with the high-tech industry as its leading role. The company is dedicated to the research and development of skin care products, especially for the research of chloasma pigmented skin problems. Moreover, it attaches importance to the research and development of products and product standardization, integrates product research, design, production and sales, and it is committed to building an international leading product.

Chloasma is a worldwide problem. At present, there is no good way to solve Chloasma in the world. Whether it is laser or external whitening products or oral drugs, the effect is not ideal.


YINGHERA is one of the hundreds of R & D personnel and clinicians of Keyimei company. After years of research and a large number of clinical trials, it has made a breakthrough in the treatment of chloasma, and it is at the leading level in China. Its core technology comes from the UK. At the same time, it is the only one in the world that can effectively improve the production of chloasma with a variety of effective ingredients, safety and no side effects product. Meanwhile, it has obvious effect of anti-dullness, skin rejuvenation and skin moist.

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