Someone Wanting to Sell Their Home Quickly Can Trust a We-Buy-Houses Company

February 27 02:42 2020
Someone Wanting to Sell Their Home Quickly Can Trust a We-Buy-Houses Company

Someone Wanting to Sell Their Home Quickly Can Trust a We-Buy-Houses Company

Homeowners facing foreclosure have several options for avoiding the legal action. Lenders don’t start a foreclosure unless the borrower is at least 90-days delinquent on their mortgage. The homeowner has a chance to catch up the payments, refinance through another lender, or conduct a quick sale. A quick sale offers extraordinary benefits for homeowners who cannot make their payments. 

What are the Advantages of A Quick Sale?

A quick sale allows the homeowner to sell the property before the foreclosure goes through, and the lender takes possession of the property. It is a better choice than allowing the lender to auction the property off to the highest bidder. The homeowner sells the property to a buyer who presents a cash price, and the owner has a better chance of paying more of the mortgage balance. A quick sale also gives the homeowner more control over the transaction, and the parties don’t have to wait a long time for the closing. It’s not the same as using a real estate agent. Using a real estate agent could lead to months on the market. 

Why is it Important to Avoid Foreclosure?

Foreclosures cause devastating effects on the borrower’s credit and prevent the consumer from buying another home in the near future. Once the home enters foreclosure, the lender sets up an auction for the property and sells it to the highest bidder. If there is any outstanding balance after the auction, the borrower is responsible for paying it. The lender can take any measures they want to collect the outstanding balance. The foreclosure can stay on the consumer’s credit reports for up to ten years. 

How to Sell Your Home Quickly

Southeast Land Trust has been providing homeowners with a fair and reasonable price for their homes for many years. The process is simple and allows the owner to get paid for their home within a 24-hour period. The we buy houses company gets important details about the property from the owner and conducts a market analysis. The company provides a cash offer to the homeowner quickly. Homeowners can accept or deny the offer, and there isn’t any obligation for the appraisal. Homeowners who want to complete a quick sale contact the service provider or visit for more details now. 

What to Expect During the Closing

The closing involves a transfer of ownership, and a title company creates a new deed for the buyer. An attorney reviews the documents and ensures that both party’s rights are protected. Once the closing concludes, the homeowner has up to 30 days to vacate the property and give the keys to the buyer. However, the closing instructions might reduce the time the seller has to vacate.

Homeowners avoid foreclosures by looking for better alternatives. Quick sales are a better way to settle the debt and avoid a larger outstanding balance. It’s not the same as using a real estate agent, and the sale is completed faster. Conducting a quick sale helps the homeowner mitigate all risks of foreclosure easily.

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