Kuba & Leia: The LitterPod™ – The World’s First Upgradeable Self-Cleaning Litter Tray

February 27 18:09 2020

Kuba & Leia has launched a gorgeous, premium cat toilet that’s easy for cats and their owners to use.  

We are extremely excited to introduce the LitterPod™: the upgradeable self-cleaning litter box. Designed to eradicate scooping, look great in your home and make your cats life more comfortable, The LitterPod™ is going to spark a revolution in pet technology. 

“No more feeling worried about a dirty litter box. The LitterPod™ does all the dirty work for you. 100% safely and day or night. But more than this it’s been designed to be upgradeable over time, which means it’ll last a lifetime and have the added benefit of reducing our manufacturing footprint.” – James Cudd, Kuba & Leia

The LitterPod has been design with cats in mind. 

The LitterPod™ looks and feels like a normal litter tray. This means that your cat doesn’t need to learnhow to use it and owners do not have to worry about their pet cats abandoning or avoiding their litter box. 

It provides a constant fresh and hygienic environment for your cats.

Like many other proud cat owners, we felt guilty that our two cats Kuba and Leia would often have dirty litter boxes. During the day, time restraints and our careers, would frequently get in the way of making sure our cats had a clean place to go to the toilet. Once we started to look into it, we found that the available options didnt work that well. Our friends who also own cats would share similar concerns with us. So the idea for the LitterPod™ was born and 3 years later, after six prototypes we’re now ready to manufacture!”.

It’s been designed to be super-simple and intuitive to use!

Caring for the health and well-being of your pet cat should not be a chore. This is why the LitterPod™ offers a simple and intuitive design. The three easily visible buttons at the front, is where you operate all its functions. It also features two user modes – auto and manual – giving you complete control over when and how it runs its cleaning cycle. Whats more, this revolutionary new product works with most clumping litters, so most owners don’t need to change their litter.  

“The LitterPod™ does everything a self-cleaning litter tray should so. Cleans automatically in as quick as 60 seconds. Transfers waste to a sealed-off waste environment. Is really hygienic and dramatically reduces the need for you to come into contact with litter. 

It’s an ethical and sustainable product that will last a lifetime. 

But what makes the LitterPod™ truly unique in the market today is the fact it’s upgradeable. Because we care about the environment and want to have close relationships with our customers and their cats, we have designed a program where the Kuba & Leia team repair and most importantly upgrade our customers LitterPod’s after a number of years of ownership. This helps us be a truly sustainable business, leads to less worrying about warranties / guarantees and allows our cats to have a brilliant product they can use for years and years!’

Check out this animation for more info: https://youtu.be/go4WbLa8yOE

Proven health benefits 

Kuba & Leia have worked with pet behaviorists and vets to design the LitterPod. The weight sensors are accurate to 0.11lbs and read the weight of your cat every time they go to the toilet. This is really helpful for keeping an eye on your feline friends weight, checking they’re in a healthy weight range.

Because the LitterPod is a constantly clean environment it also dramatically helps cats who are in the habit of ’spot urinating’ outside the litter box. Cat’s are more likely to do this if their litter box is left uncleaned. So this can really help improve behavioural issues. Oh, and for owners it dramatically reduces the need for them to come into contact with dirty litter.

Available to pre-order now on Indiegogo

We’re at a critical point in our journey, and need support from all our fellow cat lovers across the USA and Canada. We’re 100% ready to manufacture and are plan to ship to customers in July. We need pre-orders to get us to the critical mass needed for our manufacturing partners to get going. For those who cant make a pledge to our cause, wed really appreciate it if you could help us spread the word by sharing our story with friends and family on social media – and for anyone who backs us we’re offering the LitterPod at great discount price!” 

The retail price for the LitterPod™ is set at $475. Those who opt for the LitterPod™ – Launch Edition will get this revolutionary new product at an amazing discount price of $260.

To learn more about the LitterPod™, please visit the campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/litterpod-the-self-cleaning-litter-tray

About the Company:

The LitterPod™ is the brainchild of two enterprising entrepreneurs who started the company Kuba & Leia, which is the namesake of their two pet cats. Like many pet owners, the major problem of owning a pet cat is having to clean up after them. The LitterPod™ is Kuba & Leia’s answer to that, a self-cleaning and self-emptying litter tray that’s gorgeous to look at, simple to use, will last a long time, has a reduced manufacturing footprint and loved by cats all over the world.

To learn more about the LitterPod™, please visit the campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/litterpod-the-self-cleaning-litter-tray

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