New Zealand BEGGI Pharmacy invents world’s first Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent Diffuser Create a new era of green mosquito repellent

February 27 19:03 2020

Summer is coming, and it’s time for new mosquito repellent from major brands to fight for market cakes. With the continuous progress of the society, people are more advocating the natural and quality of lives, and higher requirements have been put on mosquito repellent products: large mosquito repellent area, natural and pure ingredients, safe and effective, suitable for pregnant and babies … and this year, the ideal mosquito repellent product is finally available.

The reporter has learned that BEGGI Pharmacy, the national brand of New Zealand, recently launched the world’s first Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent Diffuser, which becomes a hot sell product immediately once it is put on the market in the major New Zealand pharmacies.

New Zealand BEGGI’s “black tech” Mosquito Repellent Diffuser is bringing a new wave of green mosquito repellents

BEGGI pharmacy is one of New Zealand’s local pharmaceutical giants. It has established an independent research and development laboratory and has high standard production facilities in New Zealand, and established research centers with a number of universities around the world. After years of painstaking efforts, the BEGGI’s research and development team finally overcome the health and safety defects of traditional mosquito repellent products that are mainly chemical components based and require plug-in heating to take effect. The new “Mosquito Repellent Diffuser”, with pure natural plant essential oil ingredients, and the essential oil aromatherapy can release the mosquito repellent odor, and is a perfect solution for people to aviod thier consumption pain points for mosquito-repellent products.

“As the most popular ‘national brand’ in New Zealand, each of BEGGI’s products is effective and innovative, such as BEGGI’s world-first externally applied nasal cream, intelligent temperature control masks, etc., which not only accurately meets the detailed requirements of consumers for such products, but also surpasses traditional products in appearance design, use modes, product effects and other aspects.” a head of a well-known pharmacy chain in New Zealand said, “the Mosquito Repellent Diffuser, the product of BEGGI’s first foray into mosquito repellent, is no exception. With its pure natural plant essential oil ingredients and black technology manufacturing process, it integrates many functions such as air purification, natural plant mosquito repellent, and essential oil aromatherapy. Once it is on the market, it stands out from many traditional mosquito repellent products, setting off a new trend of green and healthy mosquito repellent.”

“Since I used the BEGGI mosquito repellent diffuser, I have strongly recommended it to relatives and friends in China. I will send a box with this product to China in a few days so that everyone can have a different summer this year.” Flora is an overseas Chinese who has lived in New Zealand for many years. Whenever she finds something good there, she will generously share it with her domestic friends. “BEGGI’s new mosquito repellent diffuser doesn’t require fire or plug-in for heating, and it can be placed like incense in any corner of your home. The light essential oil aroma of essential oils is released, no mosquito can be seen in the space of tens of square meters, and the smell was refreshing, after a period of time, my sleep quality is better, and it worked really well.”

Combining air purification, mosquito repellent and essential oil aromatherapy in one

Build quiet and soothing space

The reporter learned that compared to traditional insecticides, and various kinds of physical mosquito repellent equipments such as ultrasonic waves and mosquito killers lamp, the BEGGI mosquito repellent diffuser based on natural plant essential oils is not only harmless and healthier, and suitable for pregnant and babies, soothing and relaxing, but also has better mosquito repellent effects, only a box can cover 50 square meters of indoor space, and can be used continuously for 3 months.

According to the head of BEGGI’s product development, the inspiration for the development of BEGGI mosquito repellent diffuser came from a marine who had fought in the jungle for many years. He frequently entered dense jungle areas to perform tasks and was constantly harassed by mosquitoes. He found that some plant ingredients can effectively repel mosquitoes, so he made mosquito repellent products by his own, which has remarkable effects for repelling mosquitoes. The BEGGI research group improved this product on its original formula and extracted natural plant essences with black technology, and obtained a brand-new product-BEGGI mosquito repellent diffuser, which is paste-like, can slowly release the aroma of volatile essential oils, and repels mosquitoes.

“After many years of experiments by the BEGGI research and development group and New Zealand aromatherapy masters, we were able to launch this mosquito repellent diffuser that combines the ingredients of seven major plant oils. Among them, Manuka essential oil and Eucalyptus essential oil are extremely rare plant components in Australia, which has the effects of anti-virus, anti-fungal, purifying air, sterilization and mosquito repellent; Lavender essential oil from Provence, France, has a calming and tranquilizing effect; in addition, there are fresh lemongrass essential oil that can fight bacteria and kill insects, refreshing peppermint essential oil that can refresh the brain and repel insects, citronella essential oil that can kill insects and repel mosquitoes with excellent effect, and geranium essential oil that has the function of activating blood meridians and deodorizing and repelling mosquitoes.” said the head mentioned above, “These unique natural plant essential oils can release the aromatherapy purification effect of the essential oil aroma while repelling mosquitoes, continuously refreshing indoor air, creating a soothing quiet space, and letting people sleep peacefully. It is especially recommended for families with pregnant women and babies, because pure natural non-toxic plant ingredients have numerous benefits to the human body without harm. “

“In recent years, in order to attract the attention of consumers, many brands have continuously introduced new ‘mosquito war’ weapons such as photocatalyst mosquito killer lamp, mosquito repellent rings, mosquito repellent stickers, and ultrasonic mosquito repellent devices. Although these products strive for innovation, the effect is always unsatisfactory.” Analysts in iiMedia Consulting health industry believed that, unlike some new mosquito repellent products, New Zealand BEGGI’s “mosquito repellent diffuser” as the world’s first pure natural plant essential oil mosquito repellent fragrance, not only  has better repellent effect, but also fits the current consumer’s demand for more natural and healthy mosquito repellent, and will definitely lead a new round of consumer trends in the “mosquito repellent economy”. 

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