Car Servicing Now Made Easy By Helpros

February 27 16:06 2020

Helpros is the new generation of service providers. Helpros is a service oriented platform where automobile services are provided in modern fashion. The most annoying thing with having a vehicle is to take care of the services and maintenance, have to wait for the queue and then do it again. Helpros has made a platform that eliminates all these difficulties at once. In opposite of visiting the garage/service centers, Helpros sends professionals to customer’s home bringing a whole lot of ease to the vehicle owner. Helpros provides real-time arrival estimates of the mechanic, have completely transparent prices, and offer on-demand service ordered from Helpros mobile app.

All the professionals and mechanics connected with Helpros are well experienced and trained. Most of them also currently work at garages in addition to the collaboration with Helpros. It is clearly mentioned on the website that, “We require that all our mechanics have 2 years professional experience working with cars.

“We also know how important safety is, especially when someone is coming to your home. All of our mechanics are background checked and free of any criminal record.”

In the age of technological advance society, we shop online and get our product delivered to us same day or the next day.

In transportation, we have platform that comes to us in minutes and take us where we want to go. In food industry, we have platform that have people go to the restaurant and delivers the food to you. Now with Helpros has begun to send professionals to customers on their demand.

Helpros has already started providing service to the customers, providing oil change and brake change services in Sacramento area currently. Helpros has plans to bring more on-demand services to the customers in near future. Services such as tinting, windshield replacement, house keeping and more.

In order to expand and serve more customers in Sacramento city, having a huge market potential, Helpros had created a fund raising campaign on Helpros has already got 3 backers and able to accumulate 2,000$ out of 10,000. If anyone want to support the project can do the same by visiting:

The backers will be awarded with services according to the support they provide to Helpros.

With this kickstarter, Helpros is planning to do the following things:

1) Increase the coverage area
2) Expand the services, such as tinting, windshield replacement, house keeping, plumbing and more
3) Get the word out (the most important part)

According to some researches, Sacramento city has over 500,000 cars. An estimated 4000+ cars require an oil change and 400+ cars require brake changes each day in Sacramento. That’s a ton of service and doesn’t even include the greater metropolitan area. So it is pretty clear that Helpros has a huge market place to expand from its current position.

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