Best Home Services Expert Shares How To Stay Cool This Summer

February 27 21:18 2020
Best Home Services Expert Shares How To Stay Cool This Summer

Dustin Cheek of DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing
DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is one of Georgia’s top-rated service companies winning Best of Forsyth awards for six consecutive years since 2014. This year the company wants to help their customers stay safe and comfortable during the hottest summer months.

By Zoey Thompson

CUMMING, GA – DC Cheek Heating, Cooling & Plumbing was founded by father and son duo David Cheek and Dustin Cheek in Forsyth County, GA and incorporated in its current form during the 1990’s. The company attributes its reputation and success in the highly competitive market to the values instilled in them by Dustin’s father and grandfather. Though they were mechanics it was their highly successful auto service stations in downtown Atlanta throughout the ’60s and ’70s that led to the corporate values the company has implemented for the last three decades. This spring and summer DC Cheek wants to caution homeowners about those preventive steps that they can take to reduce their energy usage and utility cost as well as staying cool and comfortable during the summer months.

“We always try to remind our customers to incorporate preventative maintenance and service checks into their yearly budget,” says Dustin Cheek. “Dirty vents can lead to mechanical failure but also illness in the home. A dirty and unmaintained HVAC system simply cost more to operate, has a higher chance of breaking down when you need it, and shortens the useful life of the most expensive appliance in your home. Windows are closed during the pollen filled springtime and sticky humid summer months and no fresh air is getting in. Without proper cleaning harmful dust and bacteria just gets recycled through the house and business.”

He also cautions homeowners to take local heat advisory and air quality index warnings seriously so that they can prepare their homes to stay as healthy and comfortable as possible. Despite the state’s relatively mild winters there are cold fronts and freezes that can-do damage to pipes, gutters, and outdoor spigots that you may not have noticed during the winter. It’s a good idea to have an annual plumbing inspection on all the critical areas of your home. This includes pipes, toilets, drain systems, and water quality systems. He recommends testing your water and installing water filtration systems to prevent excessive chlorine and sediment which is routinely found in local water supplied to homes in the area.

“No one wants a service call on a 90-degree day in summertime,” he explains. “So the best way to avoid it is to prepare in advance. Change the filters regularly. Clean your equipment and air duct systems. Manage your internal temperatures. Insulate. These are all things that cost very little but can save our clients a lot in repair and replacement.” 

The company performs routine air quality tests and service checks year-round but peaks in the spring and fall months. With over 20 team members and 14 trucks on the road DC Cheek has built a company that is not only growing but a pillar within their community. His goal is to build DC Cheek into the most chosen HVAC & Plumbing company in the North Metro Atlanta area through top-notch expertise and world-class customer service making them the first choice among home and business owners across the area. 

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