The 1st phase of AMZ Coin ICO success

February 27 17:26 2020
The 1st phase of AMZ Coin ICO success
AMZ Coin ICO includes 4 phases. The 1st phase was sold in the first minutes!


PRIVATE-SALE – 10 million – 0,0025€ (50€) – 10 days 

Pre-ICO Benefits – 5 million AMZ Coin Allocation as Free Gifts to Registered Users For each registration, the user earns 50 AMZCoin’s and for each guest, the affiliates earn another 50 AMZCoin’s.

We are issuing AMZCoin with a strict limit of 240,000,000 (240 million market cap) – The number of AMZ Coins will never be increased.

AMZCoin tokens align your euros with your values. The currency will support projects that will undoubtedly revolutionize its areas of activity.

What is AMZCoin?

VISIONARIA is launching AMZCoin to kick start the ICO. The funding from this ICO covers the marketing and development business costs. The coin will evolve as a cryptocurrency with wallet structures to form a method of payment and receipt by different users on the specific platforms owned by Visionaria.

The initial AMZCoin utilises EOS token to take advantage of the diverse set of benefits within the EOSIO community. This will expand the AMZCoin ecosystem with the creation of its own blockchain on the scalable base technology that links the framework of the diverse set of Visionaria businesses and thus, create a UTILITY COIN used in innovative technological projects for the benefit of users and stakeholders.

AMZCoin Technology

The AMZСoin brings new EOSIO software technology through the ecosystem, making it one of the fastest, most scalable and easy to use blockchain foundational platforms in the world.

EOSIO is now one of the most used blockchain software protocols in the world and offers dApps operating systems. The EOSIO apps are finding more users due to the cheaper, faster, and safer offerings than any of the other platforms, and gives developers and entrepreneurs the ability to process thousands of transactions per second with minimum fees and confirmation times.

The operating system comes with real benefits in many economic fields – from sharing music and videos, digital payments, fitness and health tracking to calling a cab, and many more. EOSIO has made massive strides in the future of blockchain by providing the solution to the main problems of cost, speed, scalability, and sustainability.

VISIONARIA has collaborated with multiple companies not only to spread the risk and costs but also to take advantage of the diverse group of customers visiting a single platform to build a more significant investor and customer base. Revenue increases through third party information sharing, thereby broadening the customer mix on an infinite level.

VISIONARIA has identified several entrepreneurial projects that require promotional funding in order to reach the wide international audience. The ICO will launch AMZCoin as a long-term investment strategy to raise funds for the macro ecosystem. In order to be a major advocate in the media and for AMZcoin and Visionaria to become synonymous with philanthropic projects providing financial assistance to those in need and provide a better standard of living. Additionally the members of the Visionaria funding group are working towards sustainable growth with greatest visibility to a maximum number of investors and customers.

AMZ Technology 

To implement cryptocurrency within the EOSIO operating system, the dApps (decentralised applications) technological feature is used to support applications and transactions. Funding for this technology is allocated with drawdown on 10 million coins.

Investor Staking 

AMZ Coin Investor Staking fixed to a 24-month holding period that allows a percentage incentive through coin scarcity, which will, in turn, drive the coin value. Staking allocation = 40 million AMZCoins.

Staking Benefits: In addition to the number of additional monthly coins paid to stakeholders, there is the added benefit of holding Amazing History shares which attract recurring dividends.

Keep up and invest in AMZCoin!

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