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February 27 18:04 2020
Remember when you were young, you were often asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As kids, we all dreamed of becoming famous or successful, like becoming doctors, lawyers, maybe even the president of the country. Kids can sure dream.

Now we’re all grown-up, our goals have mostly taken a more mundane nature: maybe it’s finishing that book that’s gathering dust on the shelf, submitting a project report that was due last week, or getting around to exercising on the weekend. And yet even if our goals have become less grandiose, we often find it difficult to set and achieve our goals.

This article takes a look at goal setting in general, the types of goals we make, the most important ones to have, and how taking self-development courses can educate us in the ways and means of making and achieving these important goals.

A wish, dream, and a goal all pertain to something desirable that an individual wants in the future. However, a wish or a dream can happen with just sheer luck and any time. On the other hand, a goal is more specific; work and effort need to be put in for its realization, and it should be achieved within a fixed length of time. Having a comfortable retirement is everybody’s dream but to find a way to save an “x” amount of money every month for the next 20 years, in time for an early retirement in your forties, is a goal.

There are many types of goals. Some are short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals can be provisional goals. These are stepping-stone goals that have to be achieved within less than a month and they are necessary to the next level of goals.

Those next-level goals are called foundational. Usually, they take a year to get to.

Next would be capstone goals which are set in about five to ten years.

Finally, there are lifetime goals that happen later in life and only after all other prerequisite goals are achieved. If a student has the lifetime goal of becoming a successful doctor, he or she will need to learn her current school lessons first and pass the occasional tests (provisional goals), get high yearly marks and move up school levels (foundational goals). He or she then needs to attend medical school, complete the internship, study again, and then pass a field specialization (capstone goals), all before becoming a full-fledged medical doctor (the lifetime goal).

Lifetime goals can start vague and that’s okay. A kid may want to be a doctor because maybe his mom is a doctor or he likes the long coats that doctors wear. It starts with an idea or a basic premise. But if you’re serious about achieving a lifetime goal, there has to be a serious effort in defining it as well as planning on achieving shorter-term goals on which lifetime goals are built. A child may have the rest of her young life to figure out what he or she wants but an adult has less time to dilly-dally.

Setting lifetime goals properly and having the right mindset to carry them out daily to achieving a lifetime goal are not easy tasks. It’s far easier for people to lose sight of the prize when they’re bogged down by all things negative. Lack of confidence, lack of encouragement and support, demotivation, loss of focus, having a pessimistic attitude, or the inability to see the greater picture – these are just a few things that can hold back an individual from achieving his or her life goals.

So how can you address these things that stand in the way of you progressing to your lifetime goal? As goals have to be well-defined to make them achievable, steps to address the hurdles have to be defined just as well. This is exactly what offers with its acclaimed self-development courses: clear solutions to address personal obstacles to human growth and success.’s courses include lessons on having a success-oriented mindset, a program that teaches the wonders of self-affirmation, a course on finding and sustaining motivation, courses on creative visualization and mental clarity, a valuable reading regarding the power of optimism, and a more grounded program dealing with stress, anxiety, and general well-being.

All of these courses have a very practical approach to solving a specific issue. believes that knowledge should be both empowering and liberating. If there’s anything that can be learned from’s courses, it’s that it is never too late to achieve a lifetime goal.

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