Travel Mobility Scooter Launch Announced For Travelling Couples (55+)

February 28 17:51 2020
Travel Mobility Scooter Launch Announced For Travelling Couples (55+)
TravelScoot Australia offers a lightweight and portable scooter that allows for more freedom. The scooter is light enough to go into port and location on cruises as well.

Travelscoot Australia and Daniel Feenstra are pleased to announce the launch of their newly designed travel mobility scooter. The lightweight and portable scooter allows couples of 55-plus to enjoy more freedom while traveling. The scooter gives couples a new holiday experience that they couldn’t do with a heavier scooter. The portable and lightweight scooter allows for more freedom.

Travelscoot is light enough to go into port and location on cruises, as well. Overall, it provides a new lease on life for those with mobility issues.  The TravelScoot is the world’s lightest and most compact electric mobility scooter.

There is no reason to give up independence, thanks to the broad range of adult mobility scooters, which are the most portable and lightweight solutions on the market. With the battery included, the scooters weigh as little as 15kg, and they can be folded to fit inside a car, the bus or the train. They can also be stored in the overhead compartment of a plane. The products are crucial for people with mobility issues. 

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A spokesperson for Travelscoot explained to an interviewer, “Don’t give up traveling. We design our solutions with portability in mind. Not only can you store your foldable scooter in tight spaces, but you can also take it on the planes because all the well-known airlines have approved our batteries. Every day, thousands of Travelscoots are on their way to destinations all over the world. Forget the idea of having to stay at home all day and go and see some new sights with the help of our electric scooter.”

“You can cover long distances with confidence,” he continued. “Despite their lightweight and portability, our scooters can travel up to 20km per charge. There is no need to worry about getting stranded anywhere when you invest in one of our products.”

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