BTR released a white paper to build a decentralized ecological network

February 29 01:12 2020
BTR released a white paper to build a decentralized ecological network

BTR Releases White Paper

In February 2020, BTR released a white paper to build a decentralized ecological network. Relevant responsible persons interpreted the contents of the white paper.

It is understood that the circulation platform of BitSi’lver (foreign name BTR for short) is All. The workload certification mechanism adopts SHA256 algorithm, uses the underlying technology, and has been improved in technology. It has the characteristics of anonymity and decentralization. It aims at benchmarking silver on land and belongs to an open source community. Developers come from different countries in the world and adhere to the development concept of science and technology to be good. The white paper released this time combines the advantages of the current Internet and the laws of the social field and the information industry to build a decentralized ecological network, which aims at enabling everyone’s property to circulate in the ecology freely without hindrance.

The relevant person in charge said, Bit Silver is a decentralized structure with no central organization control, convenient issuance, transaction, payment and transfer. With the development concept of benchmarking silver on land, the positioning is very clear, which allows silver on land to circulate again, improves liquidity and enhances the value of silver. The development team has participated in version iteration and upgrade maintenance many times and has rich experience.  “The purpose of this white paper is to facilitate circulation and improve the safety and efficiency of silver circulation through our technology. After statistical analysis of big data, BTR has decided to set the total number of issues at 105 million and pre-dig 80,000,” The person in charge said.

The release of the white paper is an improvement in the implementation of BTR’s decentralization. It shows the effective integration of its Internet technology and the financial field and is conducive to the sound development of Internet financial circulation.

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