Manc Global Logistics – The Best UK Based Shipping Company for the Ghanaian Community in the UK

February 29 05:06 2020

Manc Global Logistics is a shipping company focused on UK to Ghana door to door shipping and is located in the heart of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Brilliant minds in the logistics and shipping established the business to carry out shipping and shipping related activities between UK and Ghana.

Manc Global Logistics specialises in shipping goods for both private individuals and businesses alike. With over 18 years combined experience in the logistics industry, Manc Global Logistics has the ability to cater for all kinds of cargo movement, be it air or sea from the UK to Ghana. For this reason, Ghanaian nationals in the UK can benefit from the experience of this fantastic company when shipping their items home.

Manc Global Logistic

Manc Global Logistics has competitive pricing in place for courier services from the UK to Ghana for time-sensitive shipments. Customers need to provide package dimensions (LxWxH) as well as the actual weight of their shipments, to receive accurate and binding air freight quotes. Manc Global Logistics can provide a door to door air freight service or a door to airport air freight service to Ghana.

With their door to door air freight service, Manc Global Logistics will clear and deliver your shipment to your recipient in Ghana, without delay. They take care of all customs clearance without any additional cost to you. Thus, your items will not be withheld due to failure to produce relevant certificates and documents. Customers can rest easy since all their stuff will arrive in excellent condition without delays.

The business offers door to door sea freight to Ghana for both individuals and businesses alike. On that account, corporates can send parcels and personal belongings via the company’s air and sea service offering for the most up to date, fast, secure and reliable delivery. The best part is that all their services are bespoke to suit the needs of their clients. They offer free shipping boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and packing chips if you need any.

Customers can send their products without breaking the bank due to pocket-friendly prices. Prices are quoted for deliveries in the various regions and this reflects a fair pricing structure, unlike other shipping companies. Shipping Prices are based on delivery locations such as Kumasi, Accra, and beyond Kumasi as well. For this reason, the charges apply to weight and the distance to the doorstep.

Their “Ship 4 get the 5th Free” permanent offer makes Manc Global Logistics an attractive shipping company for their current clientele and prospective clients as well. Clients are sure of barrel shipping to Ghana with the best prices on the market.

Customers can choose sea or air freight to Ghana, depending on the items you intend to transport.

Call Manc Global Logistics to get a free quote for your UK to Ghana door to door shipping needs.

Current customers vouch for Manc Global Logistics as the best door to door shipping company from the UK to Ghana. They have a clean track record based on customer reviews and testimonials.

Manc Global Logistics transports all items, including home appliances, grocery, clothing, electronics and many others from the UK to Ghana. Our Customers also recommend us for prompt and timely delivery. Contact Manc Global Logistics today for a stress-free shipping experience from the UK to Ghana. Experience the #MancAdvantage by calling us today for a friendly, polite and trustworthy customer service.


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