Coronavirus: Icelandic biotechnology company hopes to destroy the Coronavirus infection rates with innovation

March 12 21:04 2020
Coronavirus: Icelandic biotechnology company hopes to destroy the Coronavirus infection rates with innovation

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The Icelandic Biotechnology company AEgisson Biotech has said they hope they are going to eradicate the virus by stopping the infection rate through their innovative and scientifically verified technology… including a new type of a mask.

AEgisson biotech the Icelandic biotechnology company that has made its mission to eradicate the coronavirus or covid19 has released a statement that they are working hard with engineers on designing new masks that they hope will hinder infection rates greatly
and are looking at every possible way on how to create the most efficient and comfortable mask for the end-user.

Kristinn Spence the Icelander and CEO of AEgisson biotech corporation said that they were teaming up with biologists, microbiologists and scientists worldwide on how it would be best to create the ultimate protection and face mask that would protect people without causing to much trouble in daily life and then he made remarks that they are even opening an informational hotline that people can call to get all updates, news and general information as well as directions and advice on what to do if you think you might be infected or someone you know.

Already the AEgisson biotech company has created a centralized discussion platform that can be found at and statistics show that tens of thousands of people seem to visit the website daily to get important information related to the coronavirus covid19 and that the platform has established itself as the only centralized platform solely created to mediate fact-based information about the covid19 coronavirus and to provide answers to the general public about any questions or worries they might have.

People have been looking for a centralized information platform as much misinformation is spread out and this will help greatly in curating the information that is being sent out there so that people will not get hysterical or do some drastic measures that maybe are not correlating with the situation.

But Aegisson biotech has made it clear that they will work hard to eradicate the infection and will be designing products and providing support globally to people all over the world and are even talking to government officials on how it would be best to coordinate the effort and to get additional funding for the covid19 action task force that was created by Kristinn Spence the founder of Aegisson Biotech and what other innovative ways and steps can there be done to help and assists those in need.

As new news say that Italy has completely closed off their borders and put the entire country on quarantine then people must consider the idea that they need to start to take action right away and preparing themselves for the worst and start to stockpile on anti-infection products that will keep the coronavirus infection rate not just for your own sake but for other peoples sake as well.

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