New Cybersecurity Self Help Book Helps Business Owners Stay Safe Online

March 13 21:21 2020
The CPA Cybersecurity Survival Guide: Your Easy Guide to Spot Social Engineering and Phishing, Stop Ransomware and Fraud, and Sleep Soundly at Night Kindle Edition

One of the most important cybersecurity books of 2020 for business owners is now available on Amazon. The CPA Cybersecurity Survival Guide which was written by David McHale provides important information on how to spot Social Engineering and Phishing and Stop Ransomware and Fraud.

The book which is available as a Kindle Edition has been credited for the valuable information it provides to beat cybercriminals. It’s not surprising that it has gained rave reviews and been described as having a ‘cybersecurity expert by your side’ when it was written by one of the world’s most famous security awareness experts.

In 2019 there were more than 24,000 ransomware incidents reported. Security experts predict this will continue to increase leaving small business owners’ victims to fraud. David McHale’s new book helps to combat the security issues that small business owners face each day. The CPA Cybersecurity Survival Guide teaches the reader clocking and countermeasures for employees and business owners. This book will be the best money any business owner has ever spent.

Cybercrime is costing the US economy $109 billion each year. Last year 63% of small business owners reported being a victim of cybercrime. With cybercriminals upping their game, and with them launching techniques to watch, analyze, and steal employees’ identities and track each move a business makes online, this figure will continue to rise.

When asked how serious cybercrime is for a small business, David McHale replied: “Like it or not, your every move is being watched and analyzed. Employees’ identities are being stolen, and a person’s every step is being tracked and stored. What once might have been dismissed as paranoia is now a hard truth, and privacy is a luxury few can afford or understand.”

David McHale who has trained some of the most powerful agencies and companies shares his knowledge to stop small business owners being a victim to cybercrime. This new book will make a real difference to a small business’s security.

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David McHale, one of the world’s most famous security awareness experts, teaches you easy cloaking and countermeasures for employees and business owners in the age of Social Engineering and Ransomware.

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