PoddN.com Launch Podcasting For Everyone, The twitter of podcasting

March 13 22:22 2020
The new Microcasting platform is a Simple Way to Share News and Expertise. PoddN supplies everything that a person needs to make their own mini-podcast. The platform is easy to use and once the min-podcast has been recorded, it will be made available to a wider audience.

A new exciting platform with your voice has been launched that provides the simplest way to make a microcast. PoddN.com allows people to record their Microcast without any special equipment but still have unbelievable sound. This new platform has quickly become a major player in podcasting and mini-podcasts thanks to its simplicity.

To make a Microcast all the user must do is to enter the topic of the podcast first, then they can press record and once they have finished, they press stop and submit. It is so easy even a young child can record their own first podcast.

PoddN.com is easy to use. It is a great tool for people wishing to share news to a wider audience or to promote their own podcast. It can even be used to share an opinion which includes political or issues on what is happening around the world. It is a great way to increase a brand and to drive traffic to the main podcast.

“We want to amplify the voices of everyone and move the discussion in a positive direction.” – Founder Jonathan Duhon

For those people who don’t understand what microcasting is, microcasting is to podcast what Twitter is to blogging. It allows people to record a short podcast that can allow a person to discuss one or two topics or promote their main podcast by giving people a snippet.

Podcasts have become very popular in recent years. According to recent reports, podcasts were heard in more than 60 million homes in 2019. Microcasts are the next step and could become even more popular.

PoddN provides a great opportunity for comedians to promote themselves, and even unsigned singers to get noticed. The microcasts can be used for so many great things including to share views on the current political climate, or environment issues.

To learn more about PoddN and to see why it has people talking, literally, please visit https://poddn.com

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PoddN provides a platform for people wishing to make a min-podcast. It is a great way to promote a person or product.

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