According to, Swallowing Large Gel Capsule Sizes Can Seem Like a Nightmare

March 17 23:09 2020
According to, Swallowing Large Gel Capsule Sizes Can Seem Like a Nightmare

Many people have a great deal of difficulty when they have to swallow a pill or capsule. The first thing they think of when they get sick is “Oh, no!, don’t tell me I’m going to have to take pills!” They are more worried about swallowing than they are of their sickness. There are various ways to get the pill down than just by drinking water with it. It takes a little initiative to try some different ways that may work. Sometimes it helps to eat a piece of candy that has nuts in it. Chewing the candy to tiny bits, put the pill on the tongue and then swallow. The tiny bits of nuts hide the feel of the pill that makes swallowing much easier.

Getting Over the Fear of Swallowing Pills

It’s surprising that some pills and capsules are easier to swallow than other ones. Some pills are little and a tad rough. They can be felt in the mouth much more easily than a smaller capsule. Just the thought of having to swallow it can make a person queasy because of their fear. Experimenting with taking a bite of sandwich and chewing it before putting the pill in the mouth can hide it long enough to get it down. According to if a person can’t get their pills down You’re probably doing it wrong… You can learn more here and find out what would be best for you to do and how to do it. Take a few tips from this article and experiment. Remember grandma telling family members pills were easier to get down when they were mashed in with applesauce?

Grinding and Dividing Pills in Half

It’s always best to talk to the doctor or pharmacist and ask whether a pill can be ground up and put inside the applesauce, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese or other mushy food. Trouble swallowing pills? You’re probably doing it wrong… Everyone isn’t the same and many people don’t want to talk to their physician about their difficulty swallowing pills. The doctor may want them to have a battery of tests when they’re okay as long as they don’t have to take a pill.

Learning to Put Herbal Remedies Into Capsule Form

Most people have never heard of any websites that sell empty capsules, while others have developed their own vitamin business. There are websites where people can log on and find excellent Capsule Supplies and herbal powders that they can insert into the capsules. Usually, capsules are easier to take than pills and there are many sizes to choose from on the website. Since capsules are often made of gelatin, they’re very slippery with a drink of milk or water and often times are much easier to swallow. 

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

Good health is a blessing and sometimes it depends on getting a pill or capsule down. Try the different methods noted above. They may help to finally take the fear out of swallowing a pill or capsule.

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