According to, This is What to Expect When Undergoing Physical Therapy

March 18 07:39 2020
According to, This is What to Expect When Undergoing Physical Therapy

Patients who sustain injuries visit several doctors to recover from their injuries. Unfortunately, the gold standard for treating most injuries starts with debilitating prescription medications. Reviewing what to expect from undergoing physical therapy helps patients find a better option that doesn’t require heavy medications. 

The Initial Evaluations

The initial evaluations determine the source of the patient’s pain and injury. A physical therapist might perform x-rays to review the current status of the patient and determine what services are needed. The patient’s range of motion is evaluated and the therapist evaluates the patient’s mobility. Recording the preliminary details helps the therapist create the correct plan for addressing the patient’s injuries. 

The Comprehensive Care Plan

The comprehensive care plan includes exercises and strategies for improving mobility and helping the patient heal at a steady pace. Some therapists address nutritional needs that help the patient improve and prevent weight gain. Each care plan must be followed to prevent new injuries and help the patient heal properly. Therapists change the care plan if the patient plateaus and needs new techniques to heal appropriately. The care plan is evaluated at regular intervals and the patient’s progress is monitored for progress. 

Effective Pain Management Without Heavy Medication

Effective pain management without heavy medication helps the patient’s quality of life. Exercise and treatments, such as massage therapy increase the production of feel-good hormones. Higher production levels help the patient manage pain naturally without harsh medications that lead to a debilitative state. Limiting the need for medications gives the patient a better experience and helps them avoid dependence on prescription pain killers. According to, patients that increase serotonin and dopamine levels naturally won’t experience pain frequently and recover faster from their injuries.  Please visit our website for more details now. 

Improving Mobility Proactively

Improving mobility proactively helps the patient get back to their lives and avoid unwanted delays. They get back to their daily routine and recover at faster rates. Mobility levels dictate how well the patient can get around on their own. Some therapists have recommended therapy dogs to help the patients stay motivated in their recovery. Therapy dogs give the patients a companion that encourages better mobility. Patients who want to learn how the strategies work can read “Therapy Dogs in Action” – A Collection of Heartwarming Stories from the Dogs’ Perspective.

Faster Healing for Injuries

Faster healing for injuries gives the patient a whole new lease on life. Injuries stale the patient’s lives and might prevent them from returning to work quickly. Physical therapy offers great strategies for improving the patient’s health and helping them recover at accelerated rates. Companies such as Luna offer physical therapy services for everyone.

Patients undergo evaluations for determining the source of the injury and pain the patient is experiencing. Physical therapists understand how the injuries affect all body systems and what care plans are more beneficial. The services also address mobility and improve the patient’s quality of life. Reviewing physical therapy strategies helps the patients determine if the services are right for them.

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