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March 19 01:40 2020
Choosing the right career path early is really very important

March 19, 2020 – Unveiling a topnotch Career Discovery for this generation to heightened education. Career Discovery has come up with a novel way to use augmented reality for enhanced career education. It is an educational platform that allows children learn more about some of the most exciting, in-demand careers in today’s modern world. By equipping them with essential information, children can make a more informed choice on what degree they will take.

Using Career Discovery will help reduce uncertainty long before students are asked the dreaded question ‘what you intend to be when you grow up?

“We’re starting Career Discovery with the Space field. It is our prototype. In the next three years we aim to have built out the ecosystem we have perfected for the Space field in at least 10 of the fastest growing industries out there. With a 3D printed collectible model to go with each one,” says the web content. It said further, “We also intend to expand the Career Discovery platform to include curated Courses, Careers, Assessments, Mentors, Simulations, Bursaries, and helping PhD Students get funding for research while helping Students prepare for in demand jobs aligned with industry needs in a more efficient way.”

With the Career Discovery interactive AR enabled 3D-printed Collectible Space Explorer, students will learn about an industry from real people working in that industry today. They will learn from working with professionals, what the job involves and the educational and real work experience acquired to get to where they are today.

Career Discover will provide interactive quizzes and creative challenges for the students based on the Space industry. This will not only be a fun learning experience inside the industry, but also bring students to limelight by those working in the industry as many of these challenges will be conquered through the Space figurine by governments, corporate’s, institutions and entrepreneurs working in the field.

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