Call centers are still the most trustworthy and preferred means of service and customer support

March 19 20:03 2020
While it sounds outdated. Yet, call centers are still preferred over other means of communication by customers receiving support.

19th Mar, 2020 – Customer service is the key to retain happy customers and to make your customers feel connected, important and satisfied with your services. However, being so much on every organization’s plate it often seems that in-house call center services are not a good idea in terms of efficiency, and affordability.

Thanks to outsourcing call center services, the problem is solved and you can efficiently outsource the workload to any of these inbound and outbound call centers. In call centers terminology, there are proactive or reactive call centers. According to recent studies, proactive call centers are appreciated and endorsed by most customers and companies as they don’t wait for the customers to file a complaint, instead, they proactively contact customers making sure everything is going smoothly and keep a check on them.

While it may sound outdated to use voice call centers in the current times with so many technological advancements and innovations in the customer support field like chat and email support. Yet, according to Microsoft “44% of Americans still prefer phone service over any other channel. That being said is 21% higher than the second popular mean, chat support.”

Social Enterprise Innovations is one of the leading call centers providing premium quality outbound and inbound call center services in the USA and across the globe. They have a devoted team of experienced professionals who provide top-notch services for all your customer communication requirements including Telemarketing, Telesales, market research and much more with the option of both outbound and inbound call options.

While talking to one of the executives, he stated: “Customers still appreciate voice communications over other methods as they deem it to be more secure, personalized and efficient in actually understanding their issue and finding a resolution.” He added, “We are focused on providing industry-leading services when it comes to customers and by outsourcing to us, you can rest assured that you will not lose a single customer when it comes to customer service.”

Whatever goals you might have, these outsource call centers are the perfect way to have your load shifted and get ultimate results with ease, convenience, transparency, and affordability.  

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