Positions Start-Up Businesses for Success through Uptime Monitoring

March 19 20:04 2020 is an uptime monitoring service provider that helps businesses maintain optimal websites for engaging their customers online.

The company is also known for its high uptime performance that helps its clients resolve any downtime issues and delays immediately. Through its email and SMS alert services, consistently updates its clients about any potential or actual threats on their business websites. Through these prompt alerts,’s clients can monitor their website performance.

Why are websites important for business success?

In this digital age, websites play an important role in promoting businesses. For example, you are the owner of a startup business and you want to compete internationally to cater to customers around the globe. If you use the traditional way of promoting businesses, such as through TV commercials and billboards, you will be spending not just thousands, but a hundred thousand dollars even before earning a dollar.

Fortunately, in this digital age, startup business owners like you can now use digital marketing tools that cut costs significantly and boost business sales performance effectively. One of the basic online marketing tools that can help you promote your business is a website.

A website is a virtual platform that puts in one place all the important information about your company and products or services. Moreover, websites are also designed to be accessible 24/7 so that prospects or current customers from any part of the globe can request for products or services at any time of the day.

Given the accessibility of websites, many businesses must ensure that it is available all the time. This availability is also known, in technical terms, as uptime performance. Uptime is a period during which a website is in operation. Ideally, websites should have 100% uptime performance, however, there are inevitable instances, such as scheduled website maintenance, that can cause downtime.

Therefore, if your website is available and accessible 24/7, it is more likely that it will gain a higher ranking on the search engines. Having a high ranking on the search engines means that people can easily look you up on the internet and know about your products or services. Moreover, when people visit your website, you also increase the number of site visitors and this usually translates into a higher sales performance.

Which of the existing digital marketing tools can help ensure high uptime performance of business websites?

Since websites are now an essential business need, uptime monitoring services have also become crucial for many business owners. Uptime monitoring services provide business owners with 24/7 consistent monitoring of their websites’ uptime performance. For example, if you have a business website and you want to ensure that it is in operation 24/7, you must avail of uptime monitoring services.

Many factors can affect your website’s uptime performance. Most of the time, scheduled website maintenance, which is essential for your business, can cause downtime. Even though it is needed, you also must make sure that this website maintenance will not affect your online business operations’ crucial hours. This is also the reason why you need an uptime monitoring service provider that can tell you which time of the day your website receives a large volume of site visitors.

Another potential factor that can affect your business’s website performance is a potential or actual threat from hackers. Since many of the financial transactions today occur online, some hackers take advantage of numerous websites containing confidential financial information.

As a business owner, it is not just your responsibility to ensure 24/7 accessibility of your website; you must also safeguard the confidentiality of your customers’ financial information. To do this, you can also avail of uptime monitoring services from a reliable third-party provider that can track and monitor activities on your website.

What is is an uptime monitoring service provider that offers essential services that provide consistent monitoring of business websites’ uptime performance. The company also has SMS and email alert notification services that can update business owners like you about any downtime issues or delays on your website.

This alert feature can assist you in resolving issues or threats immediately. also offers customer support services that can help you further with issues related to your website’s uptime performance.

To know more about uptime monitoring and, visit the company’s website at For any questions and suggestions, send an email to [email protected].

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