BestValued Helps In Preparing Against The Novel Coronavirus

March 20 00:33 2020

The Global pandemic continues to create panic among individuals of all ages with numbers increasing by the minute. Coronavirus (Covid-19) started generating headlines early 2020, within a short span of time, it is the most discussed topic globally due to its unprecedented speed of transmission. The novel coronavirus causes severe acute respiratory syndrome and is likely to get contracted between individuals.

The pandemic has rapidly evolved and the only question that comes to anyone’s lips is that “How can I stay unaffected from the virus?” There’s not much that one can do to avoid the disease, except taking a few preventative measures that ensure lesser chances of transmission. Health officials that have closely monitored the virus since its outbreak have analysed the main transmission patterns that can be avoided to keep your loved ones and friends safe with the help of a few personal and household hygiene essentials that are pre-approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  However, most products listed by the health officials are currently unavailable due to high-demand of the products which has caused panic among individuals with what and where to purchase the products.

BestValued, the hand-curated shopping assistant has listed a Health and Hygiene essentials list to prevent coronavirus transmission for personal and household items that is regularly updated with products that are available and similar alternatives to the listed products.

Taking Care of Personal Hygiene

In the midst of all the confusion and transmission about the viral outbreak, it is important that people do not panic with the fear of exposure but at the same time do not disregard the news and guidance to avoid the transmission. Steps to improve personal hygiene top the list of preventative measures to fight the virus. Regular washing of hands with an anti-bacterial, avoiding touching your face are some of the basic measures one can take with personal hygiene. Some additional precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of transmission from outsiders and spreading it with your loved ones can be implemented. Using alcohol based hand sanitizers that contain a minimum of 60 percent alcohol can be proven useful to reduce transmission. Social distancing needs to be one of your important priorities, maintaining a certain distance with the people you come in contact with can go a long way in reducing the chances of contracting the disease. Furthermore, small things like avoiding social gatherings and public events can have a disproportionate impact on how the virus transmits. 

Protecting your family & Friends

One of the early reports of the outbreak by chinese officials stated that one of the common ways the virus spreads is through households.  People need to take better precautions when dealing with their loved ones and friends while at the same time implementing better hygiene standards for their homes. Cleaning and disinfecting commonly used equipment and areas can ensure higher standards of safety and maintain the integrity of homes. Many find it difficult to choose which certain products can be useful in disinfecting the virus strains. BestValued’s list of Health and Hygiene, can help in selecting different product brands in multiple categories for better choice of products to help keep your loved ones safe.

How to be prepared

Overall, the trauma of Covid-19 only seems to be aggravating and causing distraught amongst many individuals. These straightforward simple steps of ensuring better hygiene conditions can minimize the chances of the epidemic spreading into homes and help reduce the tension when planned efficiently. However, these household and personal hygiene products do not guarantee the elimination of the virus strain but will definitely suppress the odds of the disease spreading through acquaintances. One must keep themselves updated with the news updates and guidance from health officials till the global pandemic is under control. Shopping assistant’s like BestValued can help in recommending products approved by the CDC or similar alternatives that are currently available in the market.

“BestValued strives to provide solutions to online shoppers who face difficulty in finding the best product suitable for their needs and make their shopping experience like a breeze.” 

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