Barking Royalty Publishes Article to help Dog Owners Understand Impact of Coronavirus on their Four-Legged Friends

March 20 11:09 2020
The article is written by a well-respected veterinarian – Dr. Margarita Boyd, BVSc MRCVS.


Ljubljana, Slovenia – Online website, Barking Royalty, has recently published an article to help dog owners understand the effects of Coronavirus on their beloved pets.

Barking Royalty is a website dedicated to providing dog owners with advice they need to help their four-legged friends to lead the life they deserve.  Advice given on the site is written by well-respected veterinarians who are passionate about providing dog owners with valuable information about their dog’s health and happiness.

In their latest article, written by veterinarian Dr. Margarita Boyd, Barking Royalty is highlighting everything dog owners need to know about Coronavirus and their four-legged friends.  The article takes a detailed look at Coronavirus, what it means for dogs and their owners, and answers some common FAQs associated with the Coronavirus outbreak.

“This recent article is incredibly important for dog owners to read,” says Filip Andrejevic, founder of Barking Royalty.  “What many dog lovers don’t realize is that Coronavirus can certainly infect canines, but with a different strain.  For example, while the human Coronavirus (COVID-19) attacks the respiratory system in humans, the canine Coronavirus (CCoV) attacks the intestinal system.”

According to the article, common clinical signs of CCoV include:

  • Diarrhea (sometimes with blood)
  • Decreased appetite
  • Lethargy/weakness

“Canine Coronavirus is highly infectious, especially for puppies,” states Andrejevic.  “While this news is unsettling, Dr. Boyd indicates there are actually dog vaccines available which can help to prevent Coronavirus in dogs.  Dog owners, however, would have to request this vaccine specifically, as it is not part of the regular medical routine.  It should also be noted this vaccine is not suitable for humans.”

Dr. Boyd’s research indicates there are no known cases of dogs that have developed signs of illness after being in contact with humans infected with Coronavirus.  While this is great news for fur babies, Dr. Boyd suggests calling a vet if a dog starts to show symptoms of Coronavirus after being exposed to the virus.  There, a vet will be able to administer a laboratory test to determine if a dog has been infected.

To read the full article, which includes useful tips on how to be prepared for the latest pandemic, please visit

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