Relationship Counselling Expand Availability of Therapists to Couples in Sussex

March 20 11:15 2020
Relationship Counselling Expand Availability of Therapists to Couples in Sussex

West Sussex, UK – Relationship Counselling, at, has expanded the availability of its therapists to couples in multiple areas throughout Sussex. The new service locations include Eastbourne, Haywards Heath, and Chichester. With improved accessibility, they are hoping to help Sussex residents find the support they need for relationship therapy.

The company offers both partnership and marriage counselling in Sussex and nearby communities. Its therapists work through difficult issues with clients. Some couples experience challenges with talking about intimacy and sex. Other clients go to these couple’s therapists to discuss ways to overcome problems like addiction, adultery, and a lack of communication.

The company understands that all couples will endure unique challenges in their partnership. Its therapists work to determine the root of a couple’s difficulties and create a renewed sense of communication and trust between each person. While the company offers its services to couples, it also strives to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Relationship Counselling takes on several therapists and has them operate from their own establishments. This type of setup has proven convenient for both the company’s employees and clients, as the therapists all cover various areas throughout Sussex. Clients no longer need to make long commutes to find support and work through issues they are experiencing with their marriage.

Before taking on any therapist, Relationship Counselling meets with them and evaluates their practice room to determine if they are the right fit for the company. This way, clients can have the guarantee that a knowledgeable, qualified, and compassionate therapist will help them through their issues.

For couples who cannot make an in-person appointment due to conflicting schedules or other obligations, the company has a licensed online therapist available. Deshara Pariag, who has experience working in the National Health Service, helps clients from an online setting and specialises in helping partners who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Relationship Counselling has become a trusted resource that helps couples in and around Sussex through issues in their marriage or partnership. They invite prospective clients to visit its website at, to learn more about how therapy can help couples in a variety of circumstances.

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