Growing Use of HMDs for Gaming in Consumer Application

March 20 16:46 2020

AR HMD to lead the HMD market during the forecast period

The HMD market based on technology has been segmented into augmented reality and virtual reality. AR HMD is expected to grow at a highest CAGR during the forecast period. Increasing importance of AR HMDs or smart glasses in the enterprise and industry application is expected to drive the market. AR headsets can provide employees with a host of tools, such as training videos, visualized data, and multiple desktops for performing various activities. Moreover, AR can be used to teach complex maintenance procedures for factory equipment overlaying animation-based instructions and reference materials directly onto the physical gear.

Market for HMD display to grow at highest CAGR

A display system is important component in HMDs, which displays information in the user’s field of view. The microdisplay helps in projecting the virtual environment images in front of a user’s eye. Displays are small, have large memory size, can be easily viewed under optical amplification, have the capacity to display high-resolution images according to the application, and have high video frame rate compatibility. Its decreasing cost is expected to boost the market for HMDs

Market for wireless HMD to grow at highest rate during the forecast period

The HMD market, on the basis of connectivity, has been segmented into wired and wireless. The market for wireless HMD is expected to grow at highest rate during the forecast period as it does not require connectivity with the PC. Increasing demand for wireless VR headsets owing to ease of use and low cost is the major driving factor for the growth of wireless VR headsets. Moreover, advancements in technologies, which result in a transition from wired HMDs to wireless HMDs, are expected to provide opportunities for the market in the coming years. Increasing demand for AR headsets is also one of the factors fueling the growth of wireless HMDs

The market for eyewear is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period

The HMD market based on product type has been segmented into head mounted and eyewear. The market for eyewear is expected to grow at the highest CAGR between 2017 and 2022. Increasing adoption of eyewear as it gives information about the surrounding without disturbing the wearer’s normal field of view. It allows the user to get driving directions, e-mails, and other notifications for consumer applications. Recently, various improvements took place in the eyewear or wearable glass displays, such as weight reduction, versatility, and smart looks. Moreover, the eyewear or wearable glass displays have good configurability, which provides the synchronization of HMD glasses with any smartphone or Bluetooth device.

Enterprise application to play important role for HMD Market

The head-mounted display market, on the basis of application, has been segmented into consumer; commercial; enterprise and industry; engineering and design; military, defense, and aerospace; medical; education; and others. Market for enterprise application is expected to grow at a significant rate. The use of AR headsets is rising in training, logistics and warehouse, manufacturing, assembling, education, and many other applications, which boosts the market for AR headsets. For example, AR headsets are being used in the logistics application to provide a quick access to information anytime and anywhere. In addition, the AR headset can reduce the amount of time required to train new employees. In HMD, the flexibility obtained by augmented reality technology makes it a leader for the enterprise and industry application

Head Mounted Display Market

APAC to grow at a highest CAGR during the forecast period

APAC is expected to hold the largest share of the HMD market during the forecast period. Increasing adoption of AR and VR technologies in China, Japan, Australia, and India is one of the reasons behind the growth of the market in APAC.

The head-mounted display market in APAC is expected to grow at a high rate in various applications, such as medical, commercial, and consumer—especially in India and China. The increasing number of players in this region will add up to the growth of the HMD market in the region. The fast-growing consumer electronics market in APAC is expected to create ample opportunities for HMDs in this region. Growth of the VR market in APAC also opens the door for HMD players. The Chinese VR market has seen huge investments, partnerships, and new ventures—wherein both local and international players have capabilities for low-cost and mass-scale manufacturing

Lack of standardization for HMD design and limited battery life are restraining the growth of the head-mounted display market.

Market Dynamics

Driver: Increased adoption of AR & VR technologies

Increasing importance of VR and AR technologies in business and consumer solutions has resulted in the wide adoption of HMDs across the globe. The major reason for adopting AR and VR technologies is to eliminate the need for a user to be physically present in environments. For example, a 3D interpretation of patient images, product designs, and factory layouts allows people and facilities to be remotely monitored and attended to as needed, in real time.

The flexibility offered by AR technology makes it a leader for enterprise application for adoption over the long term. However, both AR and VR technologies drive the market as a new computing platform, much like mobile computing drove advancements in the smartphone market. In the consumer application, HMDs are mostly used for gaming and entertainment. Enterprises and industries are adopting AR and VR technologies for upgrading infrastructure and creating an ecosystem of VR-related applications. Growing potential of AR HMDs in the commercial application (used for advertising and promoting products to enhance the sale) has resulted in the increased adoption of HMDs in this application. Rapid advancements in computing technology and the rise of video games helped VR technology make smaller and more immersive devices. AR has been based on taking information from the real world and displaying an interpreted version of the idea. VR and AR technologies are a key to the resumption of growth in the HMD market

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