Could This New Website Spell The End For Cowboy Mechanics?

March 20 22:00 2020

It’s happened to most of us: we take our car in for repair, only to be given an eye-watering bill for a list of problems we don’t even understand.

But two men – Bristol-residents Mike Robinson and Jamie Hancock – have had enough. Ripped off once too often by unscrupulous mechanics, the friends are making it their mission to stop it happening to them – or anyone else – again.

The result is YesMechanic – an online service that connects people with honest, trustworthy garages and mobile mechanics across the UK. You simply enter the details of the work you need doing and ask for quotes from a choice of local service providers. You can then compare prices, reviews and location, and book the work in online.

Secure payment is made through the site and the user only pays once the job is completed, with a guarantee on all work.

YesMechanic is free for customers to use and mechanics to sign up to, so creates a win-win situation – service providers are able to find more work and car owners can choose from reliable professionals who are charging fixed rates. The review system works two ways – with both service providers and customers giving feedback.

The aim, as Mike explains, is to provide transparency in a sector that often leaves consumers feeling confused and cheated:

“It’s always seemed to us that car repair is stuck in the dark ages, with people forced to take pot luck with garages,” he says. “Some are great and honest, but others take customers for a ride. With YesMechanic you just say what you need, then get full and accurate quotes from as many providers as you want. We vet the qualifications of all potential service providers to weed out any cowboys, and – thanks to the strong and loyal group of mechanics we work with – you’re guaranteed a great price.”

And YesMechanic has another string to its bow – a free online reminder service for road tax, MOT and car insurance. You just enter your email address and car registration, then get a timely reminder when renewals are due.

This too, came about from Mike and Jamie’s own experiences:

“I once had my van clamped because I forgot about road tax, and Jamie’s had similar problems, which made us think there must be plenty of people in the same boat. A quick check revealed around 400,000 people are fined each year for missing tax, insurance and MOT renewal dates. So, setting up an online reminder service is a way of helping people avoid fines – and worse – simply because they forget.”

To register and get started with YesMechanic – either as a car owner or service provider – just visit and follow the simple instructions.

Note to editors:

For more information on YesMechanic, or to arrange an interview, please contact Mike Robinson at [email protected]

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