Green Juice By Moringafi Is A Promising New Green Superfood Taking The Industry By Storm

March 23 19:24 2020
Green Juice By Moringafi Is A Promising New Green Superfood Taking The Industry By Storm
Made from 33% pure-grade moringa oleifera, the Green Juice, as the company calls it, offers health-conscious folk the ultimate boost with no cheap fruit and vegetable ‘fillers’ that most other superfood brands use.

Green Juice is Moringafi’s solution to provide a superfood drink mix better than any other. This powerful mix is made from 33% pure-grade moringa oleifera, possibly the best superfood on the planet. Unlike most of the competition, Moringafi isn’t cutting corners by adding fillers like cheap fruit and vegetable powders like kale, spinach and celery. If anything, this ‘no-compromise’ approach aims at providing consumers with a superior product that is hard to beat.

While many superfood drink mix brands list similar ingredients, in most cases the best superfoods make up only a small percentage of those mixes, while the bulk is made up of inferior foods which are low cost. Moringafi Green Juice boasts a very potent mix of the most effective superfoods such as Moringa Oleifera, Matcha Green Tea, Spirulina, Chlorella, and Turmeric.

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Another issue with other green juice superfood mix brands is the taste. Some brands taste horrible, leaving consumers feeling as if they have just licked their lawn-mower. Others try to hide the taste by mixing the greens with chocolate – something that doesn’t make sense because nobody in their right mind would add cabbage to cocoa. Some brands make their mix super sweet with loads of stevia or monk fruit. Moringafi, on the other hand, make a very natural tasting green juice, using a very little amount of organic sweeteners, Australian sweet pineapple juice and peppermint – common ingredients in freshly-blended green juice recipes.

A representative of Moringa said: “Our Green Juice, is one of the best superfood drink mixes on the market in Australia. The formulation is well thought of and based on solid research instead of marketing gimmickry. Not to mention a growing number of people who are already hitting us up with positive feedback despite our product just launching. The biggest challenge we have right now is that we are frequently running out of stock.”

A detailed description, including the formulation of Moringafi Green Juice, and store locations can be found on the Moringafi website.

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