US Tax Relief Agency Creates A Good Standing Team To Assist Taxpayers With Their Tax Resolutions

March 24 08:09 2020
US Tax Relief Agency Creates A Good Standing Team To Assist Taxpayers With Their Tax Resolutions
US Tax Relief Agency has introduced a service that provides individuals and businesses with tax relief, accounting, marketing, and bookkeeping services The firm operates out of Dallas, TX helping taxpayers on a local and national level to deal with the IRS

DALLAS, Texas – US Tax Relief Agency created a Good Standing Team to assist taxpayers nationwide. The company will now be offering taxpayers with a unique and dedicated service, representing clients when dealing with the IRS while protecting them from future tax issues.

The US Tax Relief Agency from Dallas, TX, is a national tax resolution company. The firm considers itself a ‘medium-sized’ operation, large enough to help clients nationwide while small enough to provide personalized and unique services to each client. Their new service, the Good Standing Team, is the company’s way of helping their clients maintain a Fresh Start with the IRS. The tax relief company introduced this team to provide clients with a tax attorney who manages their case, chartered accountants to monitor the books, and a marketing team to grow their client’s business. The Fresh Start initiative is a series of changes made to the IRS Collection policies to help individuals and small businesses settle overdue tax payments. The IRS implemented this initiative in response to more than 14 million Americans having a delinquency or tax issue.

The Fresh Start Initiative has features that make it easier for taxpayers to pay back their outstanding balances and avoid tax liens, or have existing liens withdrawn. The US Tax Relief Agency, Good Standing Team can now consult taxpayers and maintain their client’s fresh start by outsourcing challenging and time-consuming tasks related to accounting and taxation. By doing this, taxpayers are provided with accurate financial statements to manage their business more efficiently and have their government filings submitted in a timely manner.

US Tax Relief Agency’s Good Standing team offers a budget-friendly accounting service for business owners, a team of tax attorneys, and growth advice from their marketing division. The company claims they have tools and technology to track taxpayers’ data in real-time, to streamline the accounting and taxation service letting clients spend more time on their business. All while their team of tax attorneys maintains representation over their clients’ dealings with the IRS.

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US Tax Relief Agency is a national tax relief company operating out of Dallas, TX. The company provides a range of services to individuals and businesses. These services include tax resolution, accounting, marketing, and bookkeeping services, and deal with the IRS on a client’s behalf. The US Tax Relief Agency works with taxpayers on both a local and national level, the firm is client-focused and offers an equal level of service no matter the size of an individual’s claim. The company provides its clients with regular updates on their case, will represent and prevent clients from future tax difficulties. With a team of experts on hand to help taxpayers, the US Tax Relief Agency is one of the top tax relief companies in Dallas, TX and nationwide.

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